Monday, May 3, 2021

Free Community College Will Lift Millions Out of Poverty


President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden went to Virginia today to spread the word about their initiative to deliver on the promise of giving people access to free community college education benefits:

President Joe Biden took a whirlwind tour of Hampton Roads, a part of his Getting America Back on Track tour, on Monday to promote a $1.8 trillion legislative package that includes free universal pre-K and community college.

The proposal, dubbed the “American Families Plan” by the White House, would effectively create at least four additional free years of free public education. The plan also includes a federal family leave program, tax credits for childcare, increased financial aid for college students and dozens of other proposals.

In terms of what we need to fix in this country, health care and education run parallel to one another. You have to ensure that people have access to a functioning health care system that does not bankrupt them. And you also have to ensure people can get an education and the job training they need to have the ability to work and be productive. The third leg of all this is the ability to live in communities where the air and water aren't poisoned. 

Putting them together as I have, in my awkward way, tells you a very complex story. But it is as simple as hell--once people don't have to worry about health care, getting trained and educated, and dying from living in a hellhole, they can be lifted out of poverty. They can have great opportunities. They can have some peace of mind and get ahead. They can provide for their families.

This is what is so transformative about the Biden presidency. We're finally going to start fixing the critical shit that needs to be fixed.

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