Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Dumbassery, It Hurts


Photo by Leah Millis / Reuters

This is an actual photo of Trump supporters gathered outside of the perimeter of the Capitol and they told people that they were waiting to see evidence that the former president had been inaugurated today.

You couldn't make this up if you tried. These people have been lied to, manipulated, and have been left with nothing. Their dignity has been removed just as surely as the last of their Trump University tuition money. There's no way to humiliate them any further because they are chumps. They signed on to the coattails of a loser. I can guarantee you that, if they have ever had any money to give, they've been sending it to Trump in order to "ensure" his "victory" and "stop the steal." Their wild-eyed enthusiasm for the worst president in American history lives at the intersection of "can't think straight" and "I'm only here for the White Supremacy."

Fucking morons.

Never mind that they have pissed their money away. Never mind that Trump is playing golf, raking in the bucks, and laughing at how stupid they are. How absolutely fucking idiotic that they are, these dumbasses. The grift is already well in hand. The con is working. The only thing being stolen is the last remaining vestige of dignity that these chuckleheads will ever have.

One must admire their dedication. Normally, you have to pay extra for this level of dumbassery in public.

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