Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Speed of Change


If you're mad at President Joe Biden because he hasn't made everything happen all at once, I feel for you right now. It probably looks like he is stuck in low gear, trying to get on the freeway.

Change and the United States Government are diametrically opposed and foreign to one another. You cannot change the government just to fit what you want it to be. You have to understand that the president is not a reality show carnival barker who can just do whatever he wants whether or not it is legal. We have seen four years of unboxed powermad tyrant insanity and now we're not sure how to approach a month of calm, steady leadership.

Biden was not going to come in and change everything all at once but he has done the work to ease the strain on the Executive Branch as a whole. Simply by nominating capable people who have been confirmed by the Senate, he has done more than Trump did in the last two years of his failed presidency. The Senate slow-walked the nomination of Merrick Garland specifically because they are terrified of a Justice Department inquiry into what's been going on with regards to foreign donations to Republican politicians and all the other criminality we've seen. 

Establishing the right people to lead all of the Federal agencies means that the leadership provided will work its way through the system. You may not realize it now, but it takes months and months just to reassure the workforce that there is a way forward. None of these agencies have had that for four years, not even when James Mattis was at Defense and certainly not when cabinet secretaries were being replaced with the fourth person in line in violation of the law. 

Telling people to be patient invites abuse. I get that. But really, as slow as the government really is, we do have to be patient and remember that Biden is not going to screw up and break the law and invite the Trump-saturated judiciary into the fold in order to spike the punch bowl and shit all over the place. 

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