Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Thank God Rush Limbaugh Is Finally Dead


There is no reason to show Rush Limbaugh any consideration or kindness. He lived far too long. He had a long life in American media that was undeserved and did tremendous damage to our country. There is no reason to mark his death as anything other than a net gain for the American people. He soiled the nation's AM airwaves with bigotry and cruelty in order to make money. He delivered the bare minimum of a broadcasting experience, never rising to any moment and never expressing anything other than panicked, sweaty hatred for anyone who disagreed with him.

This should be a moment to celebrate the work of Al Franken. When Al decided that it was time to write a book that exposed Limbaugh for the intellectually bankrupt fraud that he was, he painted a target on himself that eventually ended up costing him something precious and dear. Had Franken not gone after Limbaugh as well as the sickening turds of the far right, he might not have sucked into the dirty tricks that cost him his Senate seat. Al didn't come without flaws. He did come with the fucking receipts and he paid dearly for telling everyone the truth.

No one stood up to Limbaugh and told him to his face that he was a twisted piece of shit, not in any other way that mattered. Countless politicians bent the knee and sucked on his flaccid dick, hoping for the cash to roll in. Limbaugh was given TV shows, print interviews, magazine covers, and appearances that he could use to promote himself. 

No one was a worse misogynist than Limbaugh. He hated women. He hated the very idea of women being equal. It was normal for him to express hatred and disdain for any woman who accomplished something in America. For that alone, his end should be celebrated as progress. His disgusting attacks on Sandra Fluke should have ended his career. It only extended it.

His broadcasting career was unique in that he was able to turn hatred into a ready-made audience. Countless people in this country tuned in to hear their sickening opinions read back to them. They were the shitheaded dittoheads, most of whom ended up being Trump voters. 

No one wasted their potential like Limbaugh. He had opportunities galore in the early days, and he milked it for all he could get out of it. And, like the kid who is given a brand new car for no reason, he smashed it and blamed everyone else for what went wrong in his life. His gig commenting on professional football was taken away specifically because he couldn't stand the idea that an African-American player could be a quarterback. He disappeared from TV because people got tired of looking at his wretched face. They preferred to hear his voice on the radio and they loved what he had to say. 

The people that made him were idiots. They were wannabe Michigan militia nut jobs, secret bigots and closet racists. They were stupid enough to pay for Limbaugh's cheap products, which were hawked endlessly because why give anyone content when you can run more ads and make more money? Limbaugh sold a version of Reaganism that never existed, a John Birch Society worldview that was unrealistic. He sold whatever shit he could sell and the rubes ate it up. Ha, ha, suckers. You get to move on to Sean Hannity now. Hope you like another college dropout who knows how to turn on the fake charm and separate you from your dwindling supply of cash money.

Limbaugh confirmed every prejudice that plagues the American experience. He hated everyone who was different and punched down like no else save Trump and in Trump he found a kindred spirit, someone who, by virtue of being an even bigger piece of shit, managed to turn it into a fleeting moment of glory that ended up being set on fire and flushed down the toilet. Trump's demise is Limbaugh's demise as well. They are the worst of us and, really, they shouldn't even be considered Americans because they hate everything about this country that they cannot turn into personal profit.

Never forget that this man hated like no other. He hated minorities. He hated people who were innocent but ended up being shot anyway. He mocked people dying of AIDS. He never met a school shooting that he couldn't turn into a knuckle headed defense of the Second Amendment. He hate you, specifically, just because he just hated people. He hated the poor. He hated liberalism even though he had no idea what he was talking about. He hated all foreigners unless they were useful to him. He attacked a juvenile female based on her looks because her father was a Democrat. He attacked a man and accused him of faking Parkinson's disease just because he could.

Never forget that he was a pill popping junkie who engaged in sex tourism in the Caribbean and had to invent his own job because no one else could employ him and not face a massive boycott. At the end, Limbaugh was the oldest sack of rotten meat on the shelf, left behind a rusted-out, burning dumpster called the Trump Regime, crawling with enraged maggots and emitting a high-pitched whining sound that was music to the ears of the deplorables who fell out of the basket and waved a crumpled up dollar at him.

He was worse than the scum you clean off your shoes. He was the filthiest American broadcaster to ever live. Now that he is dead, rejoice and know this is a better land.

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