Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Speed of Change


If you're mad at President Joe Biden because he hasn't made everything happen all at once, I feel for you right now. It probably looks like he is stuck in low gear, trying to get on the freeway.

Change and the United States Government are diametrically opposed and foreign to one another. You cannot change the government just to fit what you want it to be. You have to understand that the president is not a reality show carnival barker who can just do whatever he wants whether or not it is legal. We have seen four years of unboxed powermad tyrant insanity and now we're not sure how to approach a month of calm, steady leadership.

Biden was not going to come in and change everything all at once but he has done the work to ease the strain on the Executive Branch as a whole. Simply by nominating capable people who have been confirmed by the Senate, he has done more than Trump did in the last two years of his failed presidency. The Senate slow-walked the nomination of Merrick Garland specifically because they are terrified of a Justice Department inquiry into what's been going on with regards to foreign donations to Republican politicians and all the other criminality we've seen. 

Establishing the right people to lead all of the Federal agencies means that the leadership provided will work its way through the system. You may not realize it now, but it takes months and months just to reassure the workforce that there is a way forward. None of these agencies have had that for four years, not even when James Mattis was at Defense and certainly not when cabinet secretaries were being replaced with the fourth person in line in violation of the law. 

Telling people to be patient invites abuse. I get that. But really, as slow as the government really is, we do have to be patient and remember that Biden is not going to screw up and break the law and invite the Trump-saturated judiciary into the fold in order to spike the punch bowl and shit all over the place. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Yeah, Trump is Still Crazy


There are going to be days like this:

A seriously deluded ex-president is forced to confront the reality of having to live at Mar-a-Lago and deal with the fact that he is completely irrelevant. He has no friends, no lawyers, no money, and nobody likes him. He has a few hundred incompetent Republican politicians who still fear him, so maybe that's enough? I have no idea.

Trump is so far removed from relevance that I had to debate whether to even laugh at his latest "statement." It is so full of damaging material. He still imagines that he is president. He still believes he "won" the election. He thinks people investigating his blatant criminality are on a "witch hunt." The only thing sustaining him is the fact that media companies cannot figure out how to generate ratings when the current president, Joe Biden, is competent and reasonable. They don't know what to do when the president is not a shrieking narcissist who can't stop putting his foot in his mouth and doing illegal shit.

America is going through a cleaning and a withdrawal from the madness of the last five years. Here you have a toddler, not a man, pounding an old bag of sand and whining about how things aren't fair. He didn't win anything. He and his party where thrown out of power. Where are the crybaby emojis and where are the people who are supposed to mock an American politician who can't get what he wants?

This is how you're supposed to do it:

More of this, please.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Party of Family Values


The Democratic Party is the party of family values. When your family is in trouble, Democrats are there to help.

Two politicians are helping to provide resources for residents in Texas who went days without electricity, heat, or running water, while the state’s own Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is under fire for flying to Mexico with his family.

This week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), who narrowly lost to Cruz during the 2018 midterms, worked to provide Texans with supplies and conducted welfare checks, respectively, after the state was hit with an unprecedented winter storm. 

Millions of people in Texas went without power for days after the winter storm took out the state’s power grid, and the American South has seen record-breaking freezing temperatures. At least 47 people have died as a result of the extreme weather as of Friday, including at least 30 people in Texas, according to the Washington Post.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Friday that the relief fund she set up raised more than $2 million in one day and will benefit five Texas-based organizations. She also said she would be traveling to Texas on Friday to “distribute supplies and help amplify needs & solutions."

“Charity isn’t a replacement for good governance, but we won’t turn away from helping people in need when things hit the fan,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

When your family is freezing to death, the Republican Party is the party of me first, motherfucker.

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Calls Were Coming From Inside the House


This is probably a big deal, but I can't get over the fact that the Representatives and Senators who openly sided with the assholes who stormed the Capitol are still allowed into the building:

Six US Capitol Police officers have been suspended with pay, and 29 others have been placed under investigation, for their actions in the January 6 riot, a department spokesman said Thursday.

"Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behavior is not in keeping with the Department's Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline," department spokesman John Stolnis told CNN. 

CNN reported in January that the USCP had placed at least 10 officers under investigation, and two others had been suspended.

If I have one criticism of the aftermath of January 6 it's that the Republican Party have failed to identify and then remove members of their own party who gave aid and comfort to Trump's mob. There's no way Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should still be in the United States Senate. There's no way that the dozen or more GOP House members who were trying to use their time on the floor to help the insurrection get off the ground should still be in Congress. I mean, that's a massive dereliction of duty on the part of the Republican caucus. It really is.

And the fact that so many Capitol Hill police officers turned out to be traitors, well. We have a whole other problem there. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Thank God Rush Limbaugh Is Finally Dead


There is no reason to show Rush Limbaugh any consideration or kindness. He lived far too long. He had a long life in American media that was undeserved and did tremendous damage to our country. There is no reason to mark his death as anything other than a net gain for the American people. He soiled the nation's AM airwaves with bigotry and cruelty in order to make money. He delivered the bare minimum of a broadcasting experience, never rising to any moment and never expressing anything other than panicked, sweaty hatred for anyone who disagreed with him.

This should be a moment to celebrate the work of Al Franken. When Al decided that it was time to write a book that exposed Limbaugh for the intellectually bankrupt fraud that he was, he painted a target on himself that eventually ended up costing him something precious and dear. Had Franken not gone after Limbaugh as well as the sickening turds of the far right, he might not have sucked into the dirty tricks that cost him his Senate seat. Al didn't come without flaws. He did come with the fucking receipts and he paid dearly for telling everyone the truth.

No one stood up to Limbaugh and told him to his face that he was a twisted piece of shit, not in any other way that mattered. Countless politicians bent the knee and sucked on his flaccid dick, hoping for the cash to roll in. Limbaugh was given TV shows, print interviews, magazine covers, and appearances that he could use to promote himself. 

No one was a worse misogynist than Limbaugh. He hated women. He hated the very idea of women being equal. It was normal for him to express hatred and disdain for any woman who accomplished something in America. For that alone, his end should be celebrated as progress. His disgusting attacks on Sandra Fluke should have ended his career. It only extended it.

His broadcasting career was unique in that he was able to turn hatred into a ready-made audience. Countless people in this country tuned in to hear their sickening opinions read back to them. They were the shitheaded dittoheads, most of whom ended up being Trump voters. 

No one wasted their potential like Limbaugh. He had opportunities galore in the early days, and he milked it for all he could get out of it. And, like the kid who is given a brand new car for no reason, he smashed it and blamed everyone else for what went wrong in his life. His gig commenting on professional football was taken away specifically because he couldn't stand the idea that an African-American player could be a quarterback. He disappeared from TV because people got tired of looking at his wretched face. They preferred to hear his voice on the radio and they loved what he had to say. 

The people that made him were idiots. They were wannabe Michigan militia nut jobs, secret bigots and closet racists. They were stupid enough to pay for Limbaugh's cheap products, which were hawked endlessly because why give anyone content when you can run more ads and make more money? Limbaugh sold a version of Reaganism that never existed, a John Birch Society worldview that was unrealistic. He sold whatever shit he could sell and the rubes ate it up. Ha, ha, suckers. You get to move on to Sean Hannity now. Hope you like another college dropout who knows how to turn on the fake charm and separate you from your dwindling supply of cash money.

Limbaugh confirmed every prejudice that plagues the American experience. He hated everyone who was different and punched down like no else save Trump and in Trump he found a kindred spirit, someone who, by virtue of being an even bigger piece of shit, managed to turn it into a fleeting moment of glory that ended up being set on fire and flushed down the toilet. Trump's demise is Limbaugh's demise as well. They are the worst of us and, really, they shouldn't even be considered Americans because they hate everything about this country that they cannot turn into personal profit.

Never forget that this man hated like no other. He hated minorities. He hated people who were innocent but ended up being shot anyway. He mocked people dying of AIDS. He never met a school shooting that he couldn't turn into a knuckle headed defense of the Second Amendment. He hate you, specifically, just because he just hated people. He hated the poor. He hated liberalism even though he had no idea what he was talking about. He hated all foreigners unless they were useful to him. He attacked a juvenile female based on her looks because her father was a Democrat. He attacked a man and accused him of faking Parkinson's disease just because he could.

Never forget that he was a pill popping junkie who engaged in sex tourism in the Caribbean and had to invent his own job because no one else could employ him and not face a massive boycott. At the end, Limbaugh was the oldest sack of rotten meat on the shelf, left behind a rusted-out, burning dumpster called the Trump Regime, crawling with enraged maggots and emitting a high-pitched whining sound that was music to the ears of the deplorables who fell out of the basket and waved a crumpled up dollar at him.

He was worse than the scum you clean off your shoes. He was the filthiest American broadcaster to ever live. Now that he is dead, rejoice and know this is a better land.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

When Will the People of Texas Turn on the GOP?


I just don't know if this is the thing that will do what decades of neglect and incompetence couldn't do:

Elijah Dorminy's family has depended on their generator to make it through the deadly cold and power outages that have plagued Texas since early Monday morning, and he is worried soon even that won't be an option.

Dorminy, his wife and their four children are worried what will happen when they need to refill their generator with gas again. Only one gas station still had fuel in Watauga, the suburb of Fort Worth where they live, Dorminy said.

"Pray for us, this is going to be rough," he told CNN.

More than 4.3 million households and businesses were without power in Texas on Tuesday morning as a result of a winter storm and freezing temperatures that swept into the state Monday. The entire state was below freezing from Monday into Tuesday morning, and utilities have been knocked out or frozen over by the bitter cold -- leaving many without primary means of heating their homes.

Everything in Texas is designed to keep the Republican Party in firm control of the government. Each and every district is heavily Gerrymandered at the local, state and Federal levels. You have congressional districts that look like they were designed to elicit fits of laughter. You have a state GOP party apparatus that doesn't believe it will ever lose power. 

Texas has its own power grid because it refuses to submit to Federal regulation. And yet, after threatening to secede, where did Abbott turn for help? The Biden Administration was quick to offer a hand. This is the difference between conservative boogaloo governance and decency in public service. I just don't think the Proud Boys are going to be bringing generators and space heaters around to everyone who needs one.

It all comes down to the voters. We need civic engagement. We need people to start caring again. We need for people to realize that if they keep pulling the lever for politicians who put a failed ideology ahead of common sense, the same results will keep piling up.

This is the state, after all, that sent Ted Cruz back to the Senate. This is the state where Ken Paxton stays in office despite being under investigation for some of the most obvious acts of political corruption ever seen. And this is home to Governor Greg Abbott, who has single-handedly botched every crisis thrown at him, up to and including this one.

I lived in Texas. I know what it's like to go through a crisis is a state run by Republicans who don't care about anyone other than their rich donors. I know what panic, gas shortages, and mismanagement look like. That's why I don't live there anymore.

This is how bad things are:

Monday, February 15, 2021

The Oath Keepers Are an Anti-government Hate Group


This is what you get when a Republican-controlled Congress insists on preventing the Federal government from investigating white supremacists and hate groups. You end up with the Oath Keepers, among other groups, and you reach a point where things have gotten out of hand.

When they get around to figuring out how the January 6 attack on the Capitol really happened, you'll be able to draw a straight line from the early, heady days of the so-called Tea Party movement, the rise of anti-government white supremacist groups, and the mainstreaming of the idea that it's perfectly okay for Republicans to associate with people who think it's okay to terrorize anyone who disagrees with their hateful ideology.

It will take a generation to undo all of this damage and we had better start right now.

The Lincoln Project Conned a Lot of People


You could call it a shit show and you wouldn't be exaggerating at all:

The Lincoln Project’s fundraising page has been shut down, following a wave of scandals which continue to engulf the organization.

The donation page on the Lincoln Project website has listed as inactive since Saturday after a number of its founders resigned amid reports of sexual misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

The anti-Trump PAC consisted of a group of Republican strategists working to unseat former President Donald Trump, after criticizing him in media appearances throughout his term.

But the group imploded last month when multiple young men went public with allegations of sexual harassment against co-founder John Weaver, which other members of the group reportedly ignored.

I'm not linking to that article at the New York Post specifically because it is part of Rupert Murdoch's trash media empire. But what it does say is that these Republican strategists worked to "unseat" Trump even though they really didn't. We need to dispense with the notion that Republicans working to defeat a specific Republican is anything to embrace in these modern times. When Trump fades from memory, all of these people will go back to trying to establish themselves as the legitimate heirs of some weird Reaganesque mantle.

What they are really interested in is having a say in how Democrats govern this country. They should be ignored. You should not hold any of them up as allies or heroes and, for God's sake, don't give them any of your money. People like this knew that there would be a market niche for anti-Trump donations from unsophisticated middle-of-the-road Americans. They appealed to them and wooed them and shook them down for cash in much the same way that Trump did when he lost in November 2020.

It was all a grift. It will always be a grift. The grift never stops. Support real Democrats and real democracy. Reject the lies and definitely do not think, for one minute, that any of these people were ever on the side of decency. They were in it for the money, man.

A President Who Reads Things


It is incredibly UNFAIR that President Joe Biden actually reads things and processes information like a normal human being. This is destroying any chance of Trump being elected in 2024, or so I am told:

He's [referring to Biden] shown more willingness to answer shouted questions than Obama was, weighing in on his predecessor's impeachment trial even as the White House insisted he was focused on other things.

The President's Daily Brief, a highly classified update on the country's top intelligence, is back to a daily occurrence after happening only sporadically under Trump. Joined in the Oval Office by Vice President Kamala Harris -- who has used an iPad to receive the briefing, like Obama -- Biden is run through the update by a range of intelligence professionals.

He has expressed a preference for a fire built in the Oval Office fireplace, and sometimes adds a log himself to keep it going. His dogs, two German Shepherds called Major and Champ, sometimes join him.

President Biden should stop and think about how this makes Trump look like an insane bag of screaming meat. And then he should go on doing whatever it is that a normal president does because that is certainly calming me down. I don't know about you, but I'll take more of this, please.

And, yes, you would not be wrong for imagining a scenario where President Obama or any other Democratic president would have been impeached and driven from office simply by ignoring the PDB. The standards applied to Democrats are easy to see--they have to be perfect, they have to have everything go right for them, and they have to govern responsibly and be on top of everything briefed to them.

A Republican president simply has to be white, have something of a pulse, and he can howl and scream and shit himself in public and it's your fault for thinking that's wrong.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Media is Keeping the Republican Party Alive


I suppose I could pick on CNN here, but, really, the whole sorry television and print media business is guilty of sustaining the legitimacy of a Republican Party that is perfectly okay with unhinged violence and killing people in the name of holding onto political power. 

What happened today in the United States Senate was equal parts atrocity and farce. It was a crime against the idea of living in a republic and a tragic example of what it means to live in America at a time when money and media bullshit sustains the careers of people who should have been shamed out of public service years ago. You couldn't satirize today's GOP and you couldn't invent a character like Trump because he is the ultimate crime against common sense.

At the end of the day, Trump's impeachments will go down as exercises in trying to hold him accountable when the media plainly won't do its job. Trump and his enablers should not be treated like legitimate politicians or leaders. They have surrendered to a worship of money and power. It's always a game of who's winning and who looks like a fucking loser. In reality, you had Representative Jamie Raskin and his powerful, coherent argument in favor of holding someone accountable for inciting an insurrection against the Legislative Branch of government and the Office of the Vice President of the United States. On the other side, you had a shit show made out of dickweed opinions hatched in the gutter and little else.

The Democrats in the House did their job, and they were joined by a handful of Republicans.

The Democrats in the Senate did their job.

Seven Republican Senators did their job.

Everyone else said nah.

That's America for you. Everyone who didn't do their job should be ignored, shamed, and ostracized. In a week, they'll see the donations come rolling back in (I'm guessing) and they'll all be back on the Sunday shows. We'll then start talking about how they have made up their mind to SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF THE DEFICIT OH MY GOD and why Joe Biden won't lead and man, those Democrats are doing a bad job of solving all of the problems that were dumped on them.

The media simply won't do its job. They can't stop letting the GOP have the upper hand when it comes to explaining themselves. They have to pretend that there are two sides to everything. When presented with sanity and insanity, there's no choice. When you're presented with a president who tells a mob to go kill the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, you'd think an attempt to decapitate the presidential line of succession would have caused someone to do the right thing.

Think of the people who went through the entire January 6 attack on the Capitol. Why should anyone show up for work there on Monday? If you're a Capitol Hill police officer, why would you show up and protect people who voted to give Trump another chance to send a mob your way? Why would anyone on staff show up for the next Trump insurrection riot? Why bother pretending to have a country anymore? It just doesn't make sense anymore.

Doesn't it feel like a line has been obliterated? Will we just go back to the same old, same old?

I have no idea.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Joe Biden Has All of Trump's Perfect Phone Calls


Yeah it's probably nothing but holy shit nonetheless.

Few Trump-era mysteries are as intriguing as what the 45th president said to Vladimir Putin in at least a dozen rambling, off-the-cuff calls and meetings over four years. Understanding what was said between the two could help illuminate whether Trump ever revealed sensitive information or struck any deals with the Kremlin leader that could take the new administration by surprise.

Now that President Joe Biden is in the White House, he can see for himself.

“They don’t need our approval to see those [records],” a former Trump White House official said, referring to the new Biden national security team. “Biden owns all the call materials. There is only one president at a time.

The Biden White House did not comment on whether it had seen the content of the calls. But so far, at least, the National Security Council has not registered any complaints with their ability to access relevant call records from the previous administration..

“It is a national security priority to find out what Trump said to Putin” over his four years in office, said one former national security official who is close to the new president. “Some things, like what happened in some face-to-face meetings where no American translator or note-taker was present, may never be fully known. But I would be very surprised if the new national security team were not trying to access” the call records.

We have seen, repeatedly, clear evidence that Trump is not a thoughtful or discerning individual on the telephone. We have also seen him take extraordinary steps to ensure that the translators who have worked with him and with Putin have been under severe restrictions. So, what's there? Was Trump foolish enough to reveal classified information? Was he subservient to Putin? Was he stupid enough to admit to Putin that he was compromised and would do "anything" he wanted, up to and including selling out American interests?

My guess is that Trump was embarrassing enough to warrant hiding these calls and Putin was smart enough not to say too much, knowing that he was being recorded at all times. Trump has behaved as if he has no idea that he could possibly be recorded by any foreign intelligence service (hence, his use of an outdated, unsecured phone for the entirety of his presidency).

If the Biden people are smart, and we know they are, anything compromising will be declassified and released whenever it is reasonably discreet to do so. They don't want to be accused of being reckless but there is a historical need to understand what Trump said to Putin and an overarching need to ensure no future president acts in this manner again.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Republicans in Disarray


I don't know why anyone cares about the House Republicans. They are the worst of the worst, the utter dregs of a dying political party that is held by the throat and kicked repeatedly when it doesn't do whatever Trump wants. We are getting to the point where they are all irrelevant. The future will be written by the people who move past the nationalism and the incompetence that these people personify.

For every Marjorie Taylor-Greene, there are fifty House Republicans who are just as bad. They don't believe any of this QAnon bullshit. They are using it to wring money out of the teat. That's all.

There's no point in identifying every stupid thing they say or retweet or like. They are just doing it to get the rubes to hand over what little money they have so that Republicans can maintain a lavish lifestyle that includes shaking every penny out of their campaign funds. If you think what Duncan Hunter did was unique, you're going to be shocked when you discover what most of the GOP members do that is legal.

But, yeah. I'm so tired of these people. They are the ugly, ugly past.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram Live


It is pretty clear to me that a number of Democratic House members came very close to being murdered on January 6. These individuals need help and understanding and I doubt very much that we really understand everything they may have gone through.

WARNING: this may trigger some people who have had traumatic experiences.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

This Man Has No Decency or Honor


When you ask a Republican politician if one of their own, who has called for the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is fit to serve, and if they give you this mealy-mouthed type of answer, you throw them off your show. You stop the interview.

The only answer to that question is, "no, that person is committing a criminal act by calling for the execution death of the person who is second in line for the presidency." There's no other answer that can be accepted. There's no saying, "well, gosh, that's not something I have thought about" or "that's something I will have to consider going forward."

There is no shame among Republicans anymore, just a fear of what Trump will do to them. There's no concept of hypocrisy because falling out of favor with an ex-president is just too dangerous. I mean, what future does Hutchinson really have? He's never going to run for president and he's lucky to actually have a job right now. I don't even get why he's being interviewed. I guess all the other lucky ducks said no to a free TV appearance.

If you don't have the courage to answer that easy question with the only acceptable answer, get the fuck out of office right now.

There is a culture of political violence that has taken hold in this country. The Republican Party is trying to use the threat of violence to seize and hold political power. There's no other word for this. It is terrorism and nationalism wrapped up in the veil of unhinged Trumpism. We're not talking about a dingbat with nutty ideas. We're talking a living, breathing political terrorist who holds Federal office, and there is not sane country in the world where a Marjorie Taylor Greene would be allowed to show up at work if she threatened to kill one of her co-workers.

Again, Nancy Pelosi is second in line for the presidency. Why hasn't the Secret Service arrested Greene? She is a direct threat. She has committed sedition.

As the courage of elected officials like Hutchinson slips away, note that the media has already normalized the idea that a "colorful" Republican is merely one who threatens to kill people so they can inspire violence and keep their hands clean. You know that old saw, both sides do it. Well, not in this case.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dead Enders and Deadbeats


Welcome to your future, Republicans:

Statement from President.

Trump’s Save America PAC says he and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met today. “President Trump’s popularity has never been stronger than it is today, and his endorsement means more than perhaps any endorsement at any time.”

There's a lot of unpack here. 

One, the GOP is not moving on from Trump. He has compromising material on them because they certainly don't need to carry around his legacy or embrace his lack of ability to lead the country.

Two, after the election results, you would think that they would have understood their dire situation. The only reason why people voted in the last election for the Republican candidates was because of an artificially high turnout. The same level of engagement is not likely to happen in the future when Trump is not on the ballot. For example, he isn't on the ballot in 2022. If 2018 is any indication, McCarthy and his fellow House members are due for a bloodbath.

Three, the Sedition Caucus is real. They already have a hold on multiple state GOP organizations. The QAnon phenomenon has taken the Republican Party by throat and won't let go. I don't know how you appeal to the American voter when your party is dragging around the albatross of conspiracy theories and being part of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

Four, the money spigot is going to run dry at some point. The inclusion of the Trump Save America PAC in this statement is about fund raising. Corporate America is already refusing to give the GOP money because of their efforts to deny Joe Biden the election. Republicans are now fully radioactive and giving them money is a losing proposition.

It could all go away in a few months, especially if Trump is indicted and if the Sedition Caucus is cut out of the body politic. I don't know how these people survive if their felony convictions preclude them from holding office.

However, when has that ever stopped a Republican from holding office?

Today's Republican Party


The Democratic Party has been trying to give people jobs, health care and a clean environment for what seems like forever. The Republican Party gives you a ransacked Capitol and some jackass with a Confederate Flag.

Two roads diverged in American politics, and the Republican Party chose the one traveled by disgraced ex-President Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

While pundits ponder the GOP's future -- and traditionalists hope to change course out of the wreckage left by Trump's insurrection -- Washington's power players and state activists have already made their choice.

Highlighting the former President's lightning fast rehabilitation, the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will visit Trump in Florida on Thursday after repudiating his own criticism of the incitement of the US Capitol riot.

Only a week after Trump left the White House, it's clear that his party is not ready to let him go. Extremists and Trumpists are on the rise, while lawmakers who condemned his aberrant conduct fight for their political careers. The anti-Trump wing -- represented by members of Congress such as Sens. Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Mitt Romney of Utah and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger -- look like a small and outmaneuvered force.

This week's sorting will have significant implications for the GOP's positioning as it heads into the 2022 midterm elections, and for President Joe Biden's hopes of draining the poison from Washington in the name of national unity.

When they finally deplatformed Trump, it made him the most irrelevant person in America. Does McCarthy think Trump is actually going to do the work? The most famously lazy and checked out president ever is not going to work at getting a second chance at the White House. He's going to eat fucking cheeseburgers and scream at whoever is near him.

Well, thank God the media isn't populated with stupid people with horrible takes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Joe Biden is Trying to Save as Many Americans As Possible


Greg Gutfeld, ladies and gentlemen:

There's an obvious difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump is the cheerleader. Right? Let's get this thing done, it's the primary reason why we got the vaccine so fast is because he said we're going to do it, and we can get it done, and this is how we are going to do it, we're all going to band together, isn't this gonna be great? You can criticize him being an optimist, and being -- the power of persuasion wasn't enough.

But then you look at Biden, and it's the angel of death, it's the exact opposite. And it makes you realize that Joe really did lie a lot during the campaign. I mean, he said a lot of -- he said a lot of big doozies, but he said if you voted for him he'd get the pandemic under control and now, you know, he's saying, well, there's nothing we can do to change the pandemic in the coming months, and, in fact, it's going to get a lot worse.

And it, you know what, just so you know, don't get mad at me because it's going to get really difficult, and there's going to be a lot of things that can go wrong, so just be patient.

So, basically what he's asking from America is the kind of understanding that he refused to give to Trump or his supporters.

This is the message of Fox News. 

This is what they want people to think. 

Greg Gutfeld isn't even smart enough to come up with this on his own. He's speaking for the marketing minds of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch himself. They are doubling down on the short attention span of the American television viewer (what few they can still grab) and they're putting out this cheeseball nonsense, thinking that's going to win back the small crowd that is now feverishly waiting for the shitty ads on OANN or NewsMax to stop repeating themselves.

I mean, come on. The Fox News demographic sure took a hit this past year. Not wearing a mask, going to the buffet, and voting for Trump sure killed a lot of them, the poor dears. 

Joe Biden is actually going to save a lot of the ones that are left and get no credit for doing so. But the minds running the flagship news station of America's death cult, the party of Trump, the America First wing of the GOP, well, they're all in on Gutfeld's brand of dickish contrarian. They want to change the way people view what has just gone on in this country for the last year. Fox News wants people to think that the Democrats are letting people die and that the Democrats are responsible for the massive death toll from COVID-19. They are certainly not going to tell people the truth. They're not going to explain that the last president, a Republican, let hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people die because he couldn't be bothered to show up and do his job.

No, they want to start convincing their dwindling, aging, terrified, and ignorant viewers that this is all Biden's fault.

Well, fuck that shit.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Dogs Are Back in the White House


Major shade from the people who witnessed many, many meltdowns and screaming matches before the Biden showed up with dogs to make the place normal again:

The new President and first lady settled in at the White House this weekend, and did so with extended Biden family members

"The residence has life in it again," a White House source told CNN of the energy inside. "It's the honeymoon period where everything feels new." 

There were nighttime movie binges in the White House movie theater, complete with snacks from the White House kitchen cooks, many of the Bidens' five older grandchildren piling into the seats to watch, said another source familiar with the activities. The increased activity was met with pandemic precautions, including mask wearing.

On Sunday, the first dogs arrived from Delaware, where they had been waiting until things were unpacked and settled enough to allow a comfortable entry for the two German Shepherds at their new pad.

"Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by fireplace and Major loved running around the South Lawn," the White House said a press release early Monday morning. Champ lived at the vice president's residence during the Biden's time there, and Major was adopted by the family in 2018 from a Delaware pet rescue.

It should be the practice of everyone to adopt a rescue pet. In and of itself, it would heal the soul of this nation.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

White America vs the Rest of America


It's like the media can't help itself anymore. As soon as there was a Republican in the White House, you couldn't help but hear stories about white Americans who needed to be heard. Now, as soon as there's a Democrat in the White House, it's the responsibility of all of us to make sure white people in America aren't left behind. 

If you really feel like you're being left behind, vote for the candidate who will look out for you. If you vote for Republicans, why are you surprised when they cut your benefits and do nothing to help your largely rural part of the country? Conversely, why do we keep hearing stories about how these folks are being left behind when they won't vote for anyone other than Republicans?

Seems to me that if you cared about change, being taken care of, and wanting to be heard, you'd stop voting for the same people over and over again.

Most of the coal mined near Gillette sits on public land, meaning that the state government collects royalty payments and other taxes on its production. Wyoming doesn't have a state income tax and its property and sales taxes are notoriously low. Many years, well over half of the state's tax revenue comes fromthe coal, oil and gas industries. 

After the bust, Carter-King said she knew Gillette would have rethink everything. 

Gray told me that his call to CNN was influenced by how things fell apart with the oil and coal industries shortly before and after 2016, the year US voters elected President Donald Trump -- who'd promised to bring back "beautiful, clean coal." Nearly 90% of Campbell County residents voted for Trump again in 2020. But you won't find too many people in Gillette who believe Trump kept his promises to coal workers -- or that it was even possible to keep them. 

Wyoming coal production peaked in 2008 at 468 million short tons, according to the US Energy Information Administration. By 2016, it was 297 million tons, creeping down to 277 million in 2019, nearing the end of Trump's term. Last year's figures are not yet available, but the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on demand for energy is known to have contributed to widespread collapse in the energy industry.


Voters in Campbell County gave Trump 15,778 votes in 2016. What they got in return was four years of insanity, fraud, confusion, neglect and white supremacy. After all of that, they turned out in 2020 and gave Trump MORE votes than they did in 2016.

And I'm supposed to give a shit? Well, as a liberal I do and as a liberal I want them to have jobs, opportunity, access to affordable health care, and the same chances everyone else gets. But it's really hard to square 2016 and 2020 against one another. The only thing Trump gave these people was the white supremacy and the insane bullshit he was famous for. And, what did they do? They all but screamed "give us more of that, please."

Please note that, when white supremacy wasn't on the ticket but Mitt Romney was, Obama/Biden got more votes in 2012, which was 2, 163. So, okay then.

Joe Biden's policies will do more for these folks than anything Trump ever did for them. He won't cut their Medicare or Social Security. He won't cut their SNAP benefits. He'll spend money trying to fix it so we don't burn coal, which destroys the environment. He'll invest in green technology that creates jobs. He'll offer programs to help people train for a new job. He'll prioritize the ability for kids from this region to afford college. Hell, he already gave them access to health care. The problem is, people in Wyoming keep voting for Republicans who deny them access to health care.

I mean, what the hell do you do when someone keeps voting against their economic self interests?

In the rest of America, which you can find in the rust belt, the blue states, the red states, the purple states, the ones that are struggling and the ones that have large cities, people already know that they will hold Biden and Harris accountable. They already know what to expect and what to do because they voted for it in 2018 and 2020. The problem is, white people in America will not give up the fever dream of being able to vote for Republicans and then blame Democrats when nothing good comes their way.

Raise the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour


This is what everyone needs to fight for if they want to have their country back:

President Joe Biden on Friday is expected to introduce his proposal to raise the federal hourly minimum wage, which has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009. Biden will begin the process by requiring that everyone working for the federal government be paid a minimum of $15 an hour.

Organized labor and its supporters have been agitating for a $15-an-hour minimum wage for nearly a decade, but shifting political winds, the embrace of populism by both parties and widespread financial pain for Americans at the bottom of the income spectrum make a minimum wage hike a policy whose time may finally have come.

“If the federal minimum wage were to be raised it would provide a much-needed financial shot in the arm for many of those still in a position of financial fragility,” said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at

Resistance to raising the wage floor has waxed and waned over the years, he added. “Before the erosion of the political middle ground in recent years, the idea of a federal minimum wage was far from controversial. It was seen as helping the economy and also reflected a statement that labor was valued.”

There are symbolic acts that mark the end of Trumpism and then there are substantive changes that could be made to lift people out of poverty and make the lives of working Americans better. We all need to fight for a raise in the minimum wage. No compromises, no wishy-washy tactics, no leaving anyone behind. The right to work 40 hours a week and get paid a living wage is a great place to stake a claim on the future of America.

Remember that every time someone raises the minimum wage, jobs don't disappear. When they argue that it will hurt the economy, laugh and tell them that the pandemic has done more damage than anything else. When they argue people don't deserve it, remind them that lifting single mothers and their kids out of poverty is worth every penny.

In terms of what the government pays out in SNAP assistance and other benefits, raising the minimum wage takes pressure off of those programs and frees up resources. Raising it to $15 an hour helps people live their lives with dignity.

We gotta fight for this and we have to support every effort to get it as close to $15 as possible.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

So Long, You Piece of Shit


We should only consider Trump in the past tense. He has no future, no promise, no possibility of redeeming himself. 

There is still one more full day to consider him in the present tense.

He should never have been elected president. The Republican Party is forever tainted by its association with the worst president in American History. 

He is incapable of shame. Republicans have submerged the gene that allows humans to feel shame in a vat of acid and they have burned it out of their souls.

He is a shit bird. 

He hates dogs, and dogs hate him.

He is scum. 

His presidency killed so many people that we'll never get a full accounting of it. 

He is a monster of a human being, incapable of normal human interaction and exchanging basic information with other people. 

He is like a live wire cable that comes off a pole and starts thrashing around, whipping itself into a frenzy. There are sparks everywhere, the thing is out of control, and when it flies over your head and takes out something behind you, that's when you know you're screwed. 

The entire country was this level of screwed for a full four calendar years. The wire lashed out and electrocuted and destroyed so many lives, wiped out promise, charred hope so bad they couldn't identify it. The last sparks are dissipating. The power has gone out of it. A few volts are all that is left, so don't touch the goddamned thing. Just run from it. Run, and don't look back.

It used to be that the American character was full of promise. This guy could do good things for us, that guy could solve this problem, that woman could be a transformational president who would work hard to fix things.

Not anymore, we'll never fall in love with anyone who claims to know what they're doing. We will always wonder, "when will they act like Trump? When will the worm turn? When will they start screaming at some poor woman in the corner with a binder and a confused look on her face? When will the howling begin? When will this person end up being another Trump?"

That's because America's psyche is scarred forever. Thanks again, you shit bird. That's all you are. A soiled, nutty bird bathed in shit, flopping around on one wing, no chance of getting off the ground. Ya fucking shit bird. Look at what you did with your time on Earth. Look at what you did to this country, shit bird.

The babies around us, they won't remember Trump but they'll grow up and absorb the shock of it all. They'll hear an uncle talk about losing his wife to COVID-19, a grandfather's picture will serve as a reminder of what was lost, a mother who is still paying off debt, a father that left and never came home, unable to cope with it all. Cousins with stories about being hungry, about losing two years of school, of being behind and feeling helpless. They'll wonder about the burdens that their family still carries, and this will be twenty fucking years from now, opportunities lost, a story about how they used to live in a house in that part of town but then they had to go live in an apartment on the other side of town and then a job opened up so they had to move and so on.

There's kids that haven't even come into this world and they'll grow up in a traumatized society. Think about that.

We'll have to live with this for the rest of our lives, four years of watching goddamned Donald Trump run wild like a naked, shrieking madman across the front yard of an insane asylum, flinging his own shit at decent people who haven't even been given a butterfly net that can catch him.

So long, ya piece of shit. No one will miss you.

Monday, January 18, 2021

America the Beautiful


Whose idea was it to put these troops out there? We don't have a functioning Department of Defense leadership team. We barely have anything that resembles a government right now. What you're seeing is the bests we have given the chaos and confusion that is rife within the U.S. Government right now. God help us all.

Thanks to Trump and his enablers, Washington D.C. looks like it would if we had been forced to declare martial law in the wake of a major terrorist attack.

This is not a good look for a country like ours to have troops in the streets, manning barricades while low functioning idiots test the security parameters and get busted with ammunition in their cars. 

I don't know about you, but there are probably a lot of crazies out there who want to do something but just haven't figured out what that will look like. Because of them, we do need these protocols in place. It's good to have a heightened awareness and vigilance and every inauguration has a security plan that needs to be carried out. But the closures and the fear of right wing violence are over the top this time around. Not since the "Michigan Militia" days of the 1990s has it really felt like our fellow citizens have lost their goddamned minds and gone over to the dark side.

But yes, the ransacking of the Capitol was a domestic terror attack, likely facilitated and carried out with insider assistance and directed by the man who lost the presidential election. How shocking is that to think about?

There's no debate. It was carried out by Trump and his supporters. They have all been caught in the act but the "evidence" of that attack is being held by a Justice Department run by highly incompetent and compromised people who are Trump supporters. The U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. is also highly compromised and desperate to run out the clock.

What would be wonderful is if Wednesday comes and goes in the most normal and quiet of manners, an inauguration that ends the Trump Regime's stranglehold on America's psyche forever. A return to decency and responsible governance. A moment of accountability is needed for Trump and everyone who backed him. 

Russia's return on its investment really paid off, didn't it? Thanks to the effort they put into helping Trump steal the election from Hillary Clinton, they ended up with quite a foreign policy achievement. America the beautiful looks more like America the soon to be broken up into warring factions. 

I'm barely a half an hour away from all of this but it seems like a tremendous distance. I am having trouble sleeping, I have a hard time thinking about what all of this means. Can't it already be over? 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Looting in Progress at the White House?


I have no evidence that they are, in fact, stealing the property of the American people at the White House. This is really something that is probably being looked at by the people who run things at the facility. There are clear rules for what is, and what is not, the property of the Trump family and what belongs to the government.

All of the furnishings in the White House go back into a sort of warehouse or pool of available items and then the new president chooses what he wants to have on display. It's more of a museum situation where much of the permanent collection is in storage and only a limited number of items are put out for exhibition. There are customary items that are displayed in the Oval Office but who knows what Biden will decide to put in there. 

I think the yellow rug has to go. I don't care about the "Resolute" desk. The president actually works in an office nearby and the Oval is used more for ceremonies. But, again, that's up to whoever is president. Trump probably did more to defile and disgrace the place than anyone else. I would not want to occupy it so soon after his departure.

In any event, the Trump family did bring their things and they did receive gifts. They appropriated items from the French Embassy and who knows what else? They have small, light fingers, in other words. The thing is, I do suspect that the lines are blurred because the Trump family has behaved as if everything in the White House belongs to them. 

Everything you see could very well be innocent, but it's a bad look to be seen packing up when you never even congratulated the person who won.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pennsylvania State Legislator Doug Mastriano May Be in Serious Trouble

Oh shit, they have the receipts from your almost successful attempt at staging a coup that would have assassinated at least three members of the presidential line of succession:

Campaign finance records show that State Sen. Doug Mastriano’s campaign spent thousands of dollars on charter buses ahead of the Washington D.C. rally that ended with supporters of President Donald Trump violently storming the halls of Congress last week during an insurrection.
Mastriano (R-Franklin), rumored to be a future GOP gubernatorial candidate, has faced calls to resign for attending the rally. A review of the state senator’s campaign finance records shows that his committee paid $3,354 to Wolf’s Bus Lines in three installments for “bus reservations” about six days before Trump’s “Save America” rally.
The same week the payments were made, Mastriano posted an event on Facebook offering bus rides to D.C. on Jan. 6 — charging attendees $25 dollars for an adult and $10 for children.
Mastriano refused multiple requests for comment. Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman says Mastriano was within his First Amendment rights and declined to pursue punishment.

Insurrection is a messy business. 

First you have to find a vendor who has buses. Then you have to haggle over what kinds of buses will work. You don't want to use the expensive ones--your goober supporters who smear urine and feces everywhere on a regular basis could cost you a damage deposit. 

Second, you have to herd them into lines and ship them across state lines without anyone violating their parole or probation. What a hassle! Then, when your attempt to carry out insurrection fails, you have to gather up all of those hangdog faced losers and ship them back to wherever you got them and that's when they typically go to town on the upholstery of the cheapest bus you can find. 

Third, you have to tell a number of emotionally unstable adults that bringing their weapons on the bus is one thing but showing up the morning of the bus trip to a site of insurrection against the government of the United States with their emotional support animals is just unacceptable. Oh, no, another $500 for the damage deposit? Because a sick potbellied pig named Rushy Rushy Piggy Boi just shit all over the back of the luxury coach? Well, that's great! Fine! Whatever!

Fourth, you have to be careful no one finds out and whoops too late, bro.

Pennsylvania does not have a functioning legislature right now, but that's okay. The FBI has a plan for this sort of thing. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

Welcome to Round Two of Impeaching the Worst President in American History


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning for the post-Trump era. She is preparing her caucus for a round of legislating that will restore the economy, deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and secure President-Elect Joe Biden's legislative agenda. She is mentally and physically done with the Trump era and wants it to end as soon as possible.

However, she will impeach this motherfucker one more time:

House Democrats are formally unveiling their resolution to impeach President Donald Trump on Monday, charging him with "incitement of insurrection" for his role in last week's riots at the US Capitol.

The single impeachment article, which will be introduced at 11 a.m. ET when the House gavels in Monday, points to Trump's repeated false claims that he won the election and his speech to the crowd on January 6 before pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol. It also cited Trump's call with the Georgia Republican secretary of state where the President urged him to "find" enough votes for Trump to win the state.

"In all this, President Trump gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of Government," the resolution says. "He threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power, and imperiled a coequal branch of Government. He thereby betrayed his trust as President, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States."

The impeachment resolution is Democrats' first step toward holding an impeachment vote this week to make Trump the first president in history to be impeached for a second time.

I think the strategy here is to engage in a full court press that keeps Trump occupied so that he doesn't have time to call up Erdogan in Turkey or MBS in Saudi Arabia and arrange for asylum.

Don't question Pelosi's skills or strategy. She is way ahead of everyone else and I have seen smart people go broke betting against her.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Another Shameful Week of American History


I could write about any one of those stories and still not capture the entirety of this shameful week of American history.

Trump's four years in office will go down as the most reprehensible period of American decline we have ever faced. It has been a rapid descent into chaos, madness, racism, bigotry, corruption, fraud and lawlessness and I haven't even captured it all with those terms.

It will not be enough to prosecute these people. If you were a Trump official, you should never hold public office or responsibility again. A vast number of these people should be shamed out of public life forever. Even the ones who barely lasted for a full Scaramucci. 

American history now resembles that of the banana republics we used to invade. The shocking, degenerate acts of Trump supporters give our enemies a lot of fodder. Our defense department is completely without focus or leadership. 

God have mercy on us all.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

What's This About Not Being Able to Pardon Myself?


As that great political scientist Richard Nixon said today, thanks to a thousand years of English Common Law, no man may be his own judge.

To a fumbledick autocrat, there is no question--a self-pardon is a right granted by God when the rubes were foolish enough to hand them the power they refuse to relinquish. It is not a stretch to assume that Trump is surrounded by incompetent boobs who are desperate for face time and willing to stretch the truth to convince him that he can, in fact, pardon himself.

The problem is, he cannot.

Trump has gone insane anyway. He will be declared incompetent and live out the rest of his days in soiled diapers and a bad mood. 

The act of pardoning oneself could be seen as obstruction of justice. So add that to the pile of things that Trump could be charged with and tried for.