Thursday, July 29, 2021

Corrupt or Just a Fool?


Everyone likes to pile on Joe Manchin for being the Republican Party's favorite Democrat, but I would submit to you that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the real traitor to the cause of responsible governance in this country:

While the bipartisan group had a breakthrough on Wednesday, some progressives on the left criticized it after Sinema announced she would not support another, much larger, $3.5 trillion bill at that massive top-line figure. The other, Democratic bill is another crucial part of Biden's legislative agenda; it would fund climate initiatives, universal prekindergarten and community colleges, expand paid family and medical leave and the child tax credit, and add dental, vision and hearing benefits to Medicare, among many other proposals.

There are red state Democratic Senators who are going to struggle next year to get re-elected. We've seen the heartbreaking loss of good people like Doug Jones in Alabama. And so, I get that there are politicians who have to straddle the line and make heavy compromises to hold onto their seats.

With Sinema, what the hell is she thinking? 

I don't know how actively opposing the expansion of voting rights helps her. It hurts her because it means Arizonans who would normally vote for her will face active measures to keep them from casting their ballots for her when she comes up for re-election. The expansion of voting rights should be a no-brainer for anyone with a D next to their name. 

And I certainly don't get how opposing a massive infrastructure bill helps her, either. Joe Biden is a massively popular president who is working to put the country on the right path. If he succeeds, someone like Sinema reaps the rewards. I have to believe she will flip her vote when someone gives her what she wants, if only because opposing Biden's agenda is, in fact, the Trump/McConnell/McCarthy agenda. How do you win with those three losers on your side?

Sinema is likely looking at a vicious primary battle. Her millions won't help her if she's under water with her own constituents and unpopular back home. Maybe she's looking to cash out, set up shop as a lobbyist, and live the good life in Washington D.C. Maybe she's corrupt and wants to get paid to vote in the best interests of the people she's supposed to represent.

Or. maybe. Just maybe. She's an incompetent fool who is badly misjudging the political climate.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Turd in the Punchbowl


Brett Kavanaugh is sitting on the United States Supreme Court and there is probably a good deal of evidence that will show that this is the last place he needs to be. In fact, he is likely tainted by dark money, the involvement of conservative activist groups, and the filthy machinations of Trump's failed regime:

Anyone who sat through the extended hearings into the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court realized that the whole business was completely off at its center. Christine Blasey Ford was so believable that the blasts of outrage from the likes of Lindsey Graham, and from the nominee himself, smacked of ludicrous overkill, particularly since they had the votes to confirm him unless they found his fingerprints on the Lindbergh baby. When Kavanaugh angrily asked Senator Amy Klobuchar if she’d ever been blackout drunk—even if he didn’t know about her father’s alcoholism—he made Clarence Thomas’ evocation of a “high-tech lynching” sound like calm, reasoned parliamentary rhetoric. He sounded guilty as hell, and even some of the Republicans, especially then-Senator Jeff Flake, suspected the same.

And when the Senate Judiciary Committee ordered up an FBI investigation at the last minute, it seemed like a transparent attempt to run out the clock and, if theNew York Times is correct, it was even more of a bag job than it appeared.

As these facts begin to emerge, there should be a fresh look--and I mean a really, really comprehensive look at Kavanaugh's finances and his voting record. Look at the manner in which he has conducted himself in public. Look at his record and the things he has written. It would appear that much of that was covered up in order to jam him onto the Supreme Court. 

Kavanaugh was one of many unforced errors by the GOP during Trump's reign of error. They could have gone with a half dozen other nominees but they burned through all of their credibility and political capital on a drunken frat boy who couldn't stop sexually assaulting women when he wasn't obsessed with getting the Clintons or finding a sugar daddy to pay for the lifestyle he couldn't afford. The mere possibility that there are more people with evidence and credible accounts of their interactions with this flaming sack of shit is enough to make you wonder how much longer he's going to stay on the court. 

Trump has all but flushed this turd out of his golden toilet full of grand accomplishments. Kavanaugh couldn't even stay bought long enough to give his benefactor a chance to delay being thrown out of office. The sad energy around these people is so tiresome.

I know that the Democratic Party rarely smells blood and reacts accordingly but I have to hope that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has decided to hang this idiot out to dry.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Joe Biden is a Popular, Effective President


Eric Boehlert correctly identifies the media's disgust with anything that fouls up their narratives:

In the real world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leading an effective, consequential administration that is sorting out actual problems and doing whatever it takes to solve them. But, because the Democratic Party is a big tent coalition that makes people happy with the results they're getting, the elite media complex is frustrated that they can't write more stories about white people who are shut out of modern life and about how Kamala is a dragon who eats staffers and spits their bones into the corner.

All of the themes they care about--Dems in disarray, the Daddy Party of the GOP having to control runaway spending initiatives, weak liberals giving away foreign policy initiatives, JUST WAIT UNTIL THE MIDTERMS, SHITLIBS!--are collapsing. There are no statesmen on the Republican side, just opportunistic shitposters. There are real people in America getting the help they need and the Democrats aren't getting credit for making things happen. 

It's tough out there for someone who can govern, I tell ya.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Havana Syndrome Hits More Diplomats


It's well past time to put a stop to this bullshit:

The US government is investigating a series of health incidents in the Austrian capital Vienna involving its diplomats and other administration staff.

More than 20 officials have reported symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome - a mystery brain illness - since President Joe Biden took office in January.

The syndrome is unexplained, but US scientists say it is most probably caused by directed microwave radiation.

It was first found in Cuba in 2016-17.

US and Canadian diplomats in Havana complained of symptoms ranging from dizziness, loss of balance, hearing loss and anxiety to something they described as "cognitive fog".

The US accused Cuba of carrying out "sonic attacks", which it strongly denied, and the incident led to increased tension between the two nations.

A 2019 US academic study found "brain abnormalities" in the diplomats who had fallen ill, but Cuba dismissed the report.

Somehow, someone in China or Russia thinks this is something they are allowed to do in terms of conducting espionage, surveillance, or whatever. It is absolutely not allowed and I would consider the attacks a precursor to armed hostilities or war. It goes well beyond any acceptable use of surveillance or spying and it is akin to assassinating another countries diplomats in broad daylight. It is tantamount to killing someone to subject them to these levels of radiation. So, it has to stop and the most strongly worded warnings have to be issued if they have not been already.

It could be a nation other than China or Russia, obviously, but those are the likeliest culprits. Whoever is doing it risks the wrath of the international community. I would think economic sanctions are not harsh enough. This is some awful shit they're doing.

Our own government needs to protect its people better and take care of those who have been attacked. The initial, fumbling reaction to this is inexcusable and the Biden State Department under Mr. Blinken had better step up and make sure this does not continue. If it does, I don't think the reaction should be protesting or complaining. I think we should be sending out our people to find the people who are doing this and dealing with it with appropriate levels of force. You don't fuck with people in this manner. You don't do this and not get a heavy response.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Off With Their Heads


What's really funny about this story is that Trump was the sort of Jamaica Estates failson who probably thought he had the power to have people executed:

Trump, along with then-first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, were all taken to the underground bunker for a period of time during the protests spurred by the police killing of George Floyd as protesters gathered outside the building. Bender writes in the book, titled "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost," that Trump, in the days following his time in the bunker, held a tense meeting with top military, law enforcement and West Wing advisers, in which he aired grievances over the leak. 

"Trump boiled over about the bunker story as soon as they arrived and shouted at them to smoke out whoever had leaked it. It was the most upset some aides had ever seen the president," Bender writes.

"'Whoever did that, they should be charged with treason!' Trump yelled. 'They should be executed!'" the book reads. 

The party of law and order, folks. So much for due process and the rule of law.

What this late-breaking anecdote reveals is that the whole "Bunker Bitch" thing really did happen and it so badly unhinged Trump that the senior staff and cabinet should have held meetings to remove him from office under the 25th Amendment. Of course, the people working for him just ignored the problem, set about avoiding eye contact with this drug-addled and deranged maniac, and they all collectively further betrayed their country by wishing the problem away.

The press used to have it so good. Something like this would happen and eleven or twelve people would immediately leak it to some harried journalist who was getting calls from other people trying to leak the same story. 

Anyway, it's another symbol of our institutional rot. We used to have a presidency like this and now we don't. I don't believe we sufficiently understand the absolute necessity of ensuring nothing like this happens again. Someone who gives right-wing America the same cruel content is going to come along and coo in the ear of the working media and they'll fall over themselves sucking up to a new Daddy Dictator. The simple fact is that we haven't learned anything and history is going to repeat itself.

When that crueler, slicker guy actually does have someone executed, chances are it will probably be a journalist. 

Monday, July 5, 2021

Let's Rewrite History to Blame Democrats For Everything


This is pure, unadulterated bullshit:

Congressional Democrats are having to balance escalating calls to investigate whether Covid-19 escaped from a lab in China with their efforts to highlight the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic and the ongoing push to stamp out the virus.

The dilemma shows how much shaping a narrative of the health crisis ahead of the 2022 midterms is already consuming lawmakers as new outbreaks emerge in parts of the country. And it puts Democrats who control the congressional agenda in a bind, as they wrestle with the possibility of stoking potentiallyunprovable claims about a man-made crisis or facing accusations from Republicans of engineering a cover-up.

Let me see if I can break down the formula here:

Something a Republican president fucked up beyond all comprehension...


Something that doesn't really exist but people think it does anyway...


Something the right-leaning DC media complex thinks is a big deal


A failure of Democrats to fix instantly so we can go back to worrying about something else.

Trump fucked up the entire COVID-19 response by failing to react properly to the threat after installing hundreds of incompetent boobs to not run the government. He acted in a way that would enrich him and his son-in-law and played to an anti-science constituency in the GOP that wanted to hurt as many Blue State voters as possible. They made crazy business deals that will likely end up being prosecuted as corruption but the whole thing ended up killing hundreds of thousands of the GOP voters who might have helped re-elect Trump. Nothing "leaked" out of a lab in Wuhan, China based on what we know now because that's an implausible scenario that isn't supported by the science. Perhaps something will happen that will reverse that, but who cares? Trump still fucked it up and the media is desperate to let Republican Daddy off the hook because that's what they do.

Some people want to throw chum in the water and confuse people about what happened. They need to rewrite the history because what actually happened was incredibly awful.

If you freeze the Biden presidency right where it is, you'll see that vaccinated people are saving the economy and the country by being responsible adults. We are being dragged down by selfish people who don't believe in doing anything for the greater good. And that's the fault of Congressional Democrats? No, it's the fault of everyone who repeats and amplifies lies. It's the fault of the people who normalize the irrational insecurity and immaturity of Republican politicians.

At the end of the day, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans are alive right now because Trump was thrown out of office in one of the most stinging political defeats in the last hundred years if not more. And things could be better if so many Americans were not held in the sway of the thinking that permeates shitty publications like Politico. Because this is larger than just Fox News. This is a failure to act on the proper behalf of a reasonable democratic society. It's a failure to act in a responsible manner as outlined in any basic civics course. It's due to an inability to understand that one party wants people to die needlessly in service to a neo-fascist movement led by America's very own homegrown wannabe dictator. It is, plainly, a situation that is driven by the fact that both sides are not equally bad. One side has abandoned democracy and the other keeps getting hit in the face as it tries to save it.

I mean, Goddamn. This isn't that hard to figure out.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Weak Tea Served in a Cheap Cup


The hype that surrounds the indictment of Allen Weisselberg and "the Trump Organization" has dominated the news for most of the day. Essentially, it amounts to an allegation that Trump paid people off the books to avoid taxes. And, because he's cheap, his accountant only got around $1.5 million in perks.

This is supposed to be a big deal? Come on. 

I'm going to take a contrarian view that sees this as a massive misdirection. I'm probably wrong, of course. But, I think the fix has been in for a while. Cy Vance and the State of New York don't want to deal with Trump anymore. They'll make noise about accountability and then they'll see the back of the entire clan real soon. The Trump brand is dead and his properties will sell cheap. There will be fines and long, drawn out trials. Plea deals, light jail time, and slaps on the wrist all around.

Here's why I think this.

The Trump Organization was a sophisticated money laundering vehicle for the Russian mob. This has been documented again and again. It said fuck you to the tax man and raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in ridiculous, bloated real estate and branding deals. Trump would buy something, inflate the price, deflate the price, sell it to foreigners, and launder massive amounts of money. All done in the last thirty years under the noses of the most incompetent oversight apparatus imaginable, all out in the open, and where reporters could tell you about it again and again.

I'll go a step further. It's all in Trump's purposefully fucked up tax returns. It's all in the paperwork filed with the SEC and the IRS. It's all right where numerous political appointees could ignore it and look the other way, many from both parties. They weren't fooled. They were in on it and probably got paid to look the other way.

Trump being a free man all of his life is proof of that. He should have been put in prison with all the rest of the clowns who went belly up in the 80s. He should have been in prison after his casinos failed. He should have gone to prison before the year 2000. He has been corrupt, mobbed up scum his whole life. The only logical explanation is that someone was taking money to look the other way. I mean, he's just not smart enough to get away with anything. That much we know for certain.

If someone like Cy Vance were to actually throw open the books and go after Trump, it would start with arresting any foreign entity on U.S. soil who made an advantageous real estate purchase from Trump in excess of tens of millions of dollars. It would then roll out like a tax evasion and money laundering prosecution, one likely to involve numerous State and Federal agencies who did nothing to stop it when it was happening in plain sight. Not this penny ante bullshit with Weisselberg who is never going to flip and is never, ever going to reveal the real books or the real deals that were made. 

Don't forget, Trump Senior was the most corrupt of them all. He created the system that Weisselberg ran under Donald for many, many years. Given Trump's volatile, insane management style, the only way someone like Weisselberg holds onto a position like that and wrings a little cash out of President Brokedick Tightwad is by having categorial evidence that could throw everyone under the jail in five minutes flat. Trump himself was just the inept failson who made two sons and a daughter just like him on his way to being the worst president in American history. These are not "businessmen." These are the idiots gangsters use to launder money.

Weisselberg getting a Mercedes off the books is nothing. Weisselberg testifying as to how a Russian oligarch laundered several hundred million dollars through phony real estate transactions? That's the real prize. Where's that indictment? 

That's why I ignore people like Michael Cohen and whoever else wants to be "rehabilitated." They were all part of a machine that made money that was protected from accountability by way of corruption. I'm probably wrong, but we're being fooled again. No one is going to save us and nothing is going to stop the people who want Trump back in power. It's all bullshit until the real crimes are exposed and until Trump himself is locked up.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Where the Hell Did My Mind Go?


I have no idea what's going on anymore. I sit down, ready to write something and it all goes sideways. So, instead of all the usual blog bullshit and the fake outrage and the exhortations to do something, let's take a moment to understand what it's like to move across the country and have your stuff broken. 

When you move to another part of the country, there's a reasonable expectation that the process will be long, difficult, and stressful. This is what virtually everyone has to go through. This process has broken a lot of my will to be creative and write things and get into the weeds. I just don't fucking care about everything that's a thousand yards away. I have immediate needs and concerns, like, why is that leaking and why are the smoke detectors older than this century?

There is a full frontal assault on American democracy that is being aided and abetted by the Republican Party establishment and the Supreme Court's six justice majority. The planet is burning and we have centuries of racial injustice to face. And what gets in the way of dealing with these things is a political paralysis that is enabled by a media that doesn't understand what's happening. They are conditioned to think both sides are awful but Daddy GOP will beat me if I don't appreciate how he keeps me Safe.

In other words, how do you reinvent your process when the shitshow has arrived? I don't know, but bear with me.

Monday, June 21, 2021

CNN Has Decided to Normalize the Proud Boys


Poor, poor Joshy. He just wanted to fit in and be heard and be like all the other people. And when he joined a violent, fascist movement called The Proud Boys and went to the United States Capitol on January 6, why, it was all a big misunderstanding! A goof, if you will. And, darn it, he's a white guy so his feelings and his fears and the things he says are all important and we should just let him off the hook for this silliness.

Nah, fuck that.

It's pretty jarring to see someone like this treated as a figure of pity. I know CNN is trying to inform us but, wow. This is an extremely violent and unstable hate group they've chosen to highlight. We certainly don't need to see their recruiting numbers go up because someone in the news department said little Joshy should get to tell his story.

No one needs to "understand" the motivations of someone who physically assaults people in order to create chaos and intimidation. They need to go to jail. AndI hope he goes to jail for a very long time.

I hope CNN realizes that, by normalizing these assholes, they're helping to perpetrate violent acts that are going to be carried out against their own employees. Oh, and elected officials. And anyone else the Proud Boys attack in public.

A hamfisted attempt to "hear their side of the story" and show any degree of sympathy or understanding towards anyone--anyone--who would go to the Capitol and assault police officers and try to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT is just a bridge too far.

And if you're stupid enough to think that crying over your "misguided" son is going to get you anywhere, you must be an old white lady who convinced some media hacks to listen to your sob story.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

If This Continues, You Won't Recognize America


What is this horseshit?

More than 100,000 names will be removed from Georgia’s voter registration rolls in an attempt to keep the state’s voter files “up to date,” Georgia’s secretary of state announced Friday.“Making sure Georgia’s voter rolls are up to date is key to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” 

Republican Brad Raffensperger said in a statement. “There is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls.”

The voter files being removed are “obsolete and outdated,” according to the statement, which says that since the 2020 election, Raffensperger has “made it a priority to continue with the list maintenance process.”

The announcement follows a blitz of new voting restrictions in Republican-led states with Georgia as the first presidential battleground to impose new voting restrictions following President Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

Oh, and then there's this pile of horseshit as well. People are being removed from their positions so that the next election can be stolen in plain sight.

I'll say this very slowly because we all know it by heart.

There. Is. No. Evidence. of. Any. Voter. Fraud. Whatsoever. In. Georgia. Or. the. Rest. of. the. Goddamned. Country.


Voter fraud is a myth.

It exists as perhaps--perhaps--one millionth of one percent of all votes cast, if even that. Voter fraud is so non-existent as to constitute less of a threat than lighting striking your genitals and making your nose glow for a year.

When Georgia undertakes a massive effort to disenfranchise large numbers of people, it means that they don't want any more people of color to vote. They want Republicans to remain in power forever. That's all it means. A dwindling handful of unimaginative, incompetent pieces of shit want to keep their government jobs for the rest of their lives.

Are you ready to live in a country where your vote will only count if you have white skin and a name that your local Republican election official approves of? Are you ready for the complete and utter destruction of the most basic principle of democracy--the one where everyone's vote counts? We are headed towards complete political control of every facet of government by a rapidly radicalized minority. We're going the way of South Africa before the collapse of Apartheid. 

Where are the fucking pitchforks? Where is the accountability for Republicans who actually believe crazy shit and don't want to count the votes of American citizens?

And, get this. They don't even like the government. They hate having to deal with you because you're a pain in the ass, even when you bother to vote for them.

I'll never understand it. You can't just hope Stacey Abrams solves all the problems in the world. You better hope people step up and throw these GOP assholes out of office, and soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Mike Pompeo is Wrong


Any theory pushed by Mike Pompeo has to be taken with a grain of salt because he's a self-serving, lying piece of shit:

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted on Sunday that Covid-19 originated from a Chinese lab. 

“There’s a pile of evidence a hundred feet high,” Pompeo said on “Fox News Sunday,” without offering specifics.

Everything that you need to know is contained in the writings of Cheryl Rofer, an actual expert with a real background in science. Rofer has helped me see that those pushing the "lab leak" theory are just trying to rehabilitate Trump and take an unnecessary shot at China. 

I have to admit that I believed that COVID-19 had a biological warfare aspect to it - simply because of how lethal it was and what it did to people. I was wrong.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Every American is Losing Their Right to Vote


There are many ways to take away your right to vote. If you live in a state run by Republicans, they're looking for every conceivable way to deny Americans their right to vote by inventing solutions for problems that have never existed. If you live everywhere else, your vote is being taken way as well because the goal here is to make the Electoral College a Republican stronghold and a firewall against actual democracy.

There are many sophisticated ways to make this happen. Then there's mob rule and violent intimidation.

Trump’s relentless false claims that the vote was “rigged” against him sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials nationwide – from senior officials such as Raffensperger to the lowest-level local election workers. The intimidation has been particularly severe in Georgia, where Raffensperger and other Republican election officials refuted Trump’s stolen-election claims. The ongoing harassment could have far-reaching implications for future elections by making the already difficult task of recruiting staff and poll workers much harder, election officials say.

In an exclusive interview, Tricia Raffensperger spoke publicly for the first time about the threats of violence to her family and shared the menacing text messages with Reuters.

The Raffenspergers – Tricia, 65, and Brad, 66 – began receiving death threats almost immediately after Trump’s surprise loss in Georgia, long a Republican bastion. Tricia Raffensperger started taking precautions. She canceled regular weekly visits in her home with two grandchildren, ages 3 and 5 – the children of her eldest son, Brenton, who died from a drug overdose in 2018.

“I couldn’t have them come to my house anymore,” she said. “You don’t know if these people are actually going to act on this stuff.”

The end result is that nobody is going to work at the polls anymore. No one is going to risk being threatened or attacked because of their civic responsibilities. We are rapidly heading towards a reality where the American way of practicing democracy is suddenly incompatible with a Republican determination to harass and intimidate their fellow citizens.

There's one political party trying to save democracy and one trying to destroy it. I would love to say that the media gets it, but we know how that has played out since January 6. We need to address the ugly turn that this has taken and stop the normalization of intimidating election workers.

They Spied on My Campaign!


The guy who whined about how the Democrats spied on his campaign (they didn't) decided to spy on his enemies and used the Department of Justice to accomplish his task:

Prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats -- including Chairman Adam Schiff -- along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation, an Intelligence Committee official and a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, another Democrat on the committee, told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday evening that he was notified that his data had been seized as part of the probe as well.
The prosecutors, the New York Times first reported, were looking for the sources behind news stories about contacts between Russia and Trump associates. 

The leak hunt began with the FBI sending a subpoena to Apple in February 2018, which included a gag order, seeking metadata on more than 100 accounts as part of an investigation into the disclosure of classified information, the person familiar with the matter said.

The gag order was renewed three times before it expired this year and Apple notified the customers. The House Intelligence Committee determined that along with members of the panel and staff, the dragnet collected the records of family members, including at least one minor, the person said.

If the Trump people were comfortable using the Department of Justice to carry out banana republic tasks against the "enemies of the state," then there is, almost assuredly, detailed and comprehensive use of the assets of surveillance state against those same enemies. Somewhere, there is likely proof that a shocking number of government assets and capabilities were used to find out where Representative Adam Schiff dropped off his dry cleaning and whether or not Representative Swalwell was a fan of some sexy show on Netflix. 

There used to be a thing called The Church Committee.

I can guarantee you that every single person at the Department of Justice who signed off on the order to get that data from Apple knows what the Church Committee was and doesn't think that they broke any of the laws that matter. There is a rot embedded very deeply in our government. Trump didn't create it. He just gave it the sunlight and water that made it bloom.

Think of it this way--everyone who stayed at the Justice Department through the entirety of the Trump era probably thinks they were there to "save" the institution but certainly didn't resign in protest when they saw all of the illegal shit we have only begun to have revealed to us. And as more of it comes out, you'll start to wonder why that is. It's because the institution was incapable of putting the law ahead of bending the knee to the Republicans in charge. It would be inconceivable to those same people to break the law for a Democratic president. That may be my opinion, but I don't think I'm wrong.

This is all perfectly fine in the diseased worldview of the Trump supporter. You will not see a moment of self-awareness or a realization that maybe a conman tricked them into believing things that weren't true. There's a lot of money to be made off these rubes and the cash they send to Trump in order to prove he didn't fool them is the Great Swindle and the Big Grift and the One Weird Trick to Stop the Democrat Party. Watching them go broke in order to make Trump's political Ponzi Scheme keep working is hilarious good fun. 

The fact that the guy who cried and whined like a little bitch about how they spied on his campaign turned around and found a room full of suits from Harvard and Yale to break the law for him is just proof that the establishment is still the fucking problem in America.

Friday, June 4, 2021

There Goes All of That Wall Street Money


Jamie Dimon is the public face of J.P. Morgan Chase & Company and this is a huge deal:

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) will resume making political donations to U.S. lawmakers but will not give to Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn President Joe Biden's election victory, according to an internal memo on Friday seen by Reuters.

 The bank was among many corporations that paused political giving following the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riots when supporters of former president Donald Trump tried to stop Congress from certifying the election.

 Just hours later, 147 Republicans, the vast majority of them in the House of Representatives, voted to overturn the Electoral College results which Trump falsely claimed were tainted by fraud.

 Following a review, the country's largest lender will this month resume giving through its Political Action Committee (PAC) but will continue its freeze on donations to a "handful" of the 147 lawmakers whom it had previously supported, the bank said.

Dimon was not really mentioned or named in the news release about this policy decision so I have to wonder if he had anything to do with it at all. He probably approved it, and I doubt very much that this means that a whole lot of the bank's money is going to be donated to re-electing Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

I can't stress this enough--this absolutely hurts a vast number of Republicans who are comfortable taking money from Wall Street. There are a number of them that are wallowing in Hate Money--cash that is donated specifically because someone or some entity hates Democrats. They are not going to survive watching corporate donations dry up. This is the lifeblood of establishment Republicans who don't want to go meet with the Goobers of the world and shake them down for five bucks a pop.

Other banks and financial institutions will follow. Corporate America will take notice. Again, this is a pretty effing big deal.

And, no. It's not the same things as the Jake Tapper Ban on these same Republicans. They can still go on local news, Fox News, the right wing hate channels, and everyone who is squishy about these things. Tapper's refusal to let a certain subset of Republicans come on his show is welcome, to be sure. You can still do a number of horrible things and continue to enjoy free access to the American public. The GOP is proof of that.

Don't Make the Loser Feel Like He's a Total Loser


The great loser of Jamaica Estates is headed towards a post-presidential career that features looking like a mannequin stuffed with rancid cheese and wallowing in self-pity:

A cadre of aides and advisers working to tame Donald Trump's obsession with the 2020 election, including his fixation with debunked voter fraud theories and ballot audits, are realizing the task at hand is much tougher than they thought. 

Over the past few weeks, Trump has faced pleas from inside his orbit to move the ball forward as Republicans approach the 2022 midterm elections, when the party hopes to regain control of both congressional chambers, and brace for his high-profile return to the campaign trail. Several former advisers and allies still close to the 45th President said he is under mounting pressure to concentrate on promoting GOP policy priorities and defining his successor, rather than re-litigating his failed reelection campaign. 

But the former President has brushed those voices aside, choosing instead to listen to a crowd of characters both on television and in his wider circle who have encouraged him to keep his focus on the 2020 election. 

Trump's preoccupation with the election is expected to take center stage on Saturday, when he kicks off his first post-presidential summer with an address to the North Carolina Republican Party. The speech, a preview of the campaign-style rallies he plans to start hosting next month, will signal to what degree he intends to ignore advice from those imploring him to redirect his message toward the future. Because it will be his first public appearance in three months, sources close to the former President said the tack he decides to take will be critical in setting the course going forward -- not only for him, but for all Republicans on the ballot in 2022.

If you watch the people around Trump who need to make a living, you can see their flop sweat from a mile away. If he goes to prison, they're screwed. If they cross the wrong kid, they're finished. If he continues to look like a raving and drooling maniac who can't stop listening to fringe lunatics with batshit crazy ideas, well, that's just another day for them.

Behind the scenes, though, there are media personalities like Maggie Haberman who no longer have any relevant access. They have a vested interest in making life easier for the Trump sycophants because that guarantees an open spigot of news that can be published for outrage clicks.

In order to maintain the sickening flow of self-serving junk information, there is a need to make sure Trump doesn't feel like the absolute, total and complete loser that he is. There is an over-reliance on presenting Trump as a figure who has been somehow "wronged" by American political realities and unforeseen events. This is complete crap, of course. The train wreck debacle and fiasco of his four years in office killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and very nearly ended Western democracy. Whenever you see someone talking about Trump as "president" and not "ex-president," you'll know that they are working an angle that is designed to maintain their access to information without angering the loser who refuses to accept that he lost.

We really need to examine the cross-pollination of the Trump employee, the Trump media enabler, and the publications that make money from this incestuous relationship model. My understanding is that this would be abhorrent to the Biden people and so a number of access journalists have been frozen out of the system. Biden's administration is competently led and run and nobody looking to shiv another senior advisor is pushing stories that are blowing up day to day operations. 

This is, indeed, a different world and, if you're from the last regime, it has to be terrifying.

Monday, May 31, 2021

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mike Flynn?


So, this was said recently, in public, by a man who should know better:

Former Trump National Security Advisor
Michael Flynn:
“I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here. No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

Flynn was speaking before a gathering of QAnon nutcases, and, true to form, made a public statement in support of a military coup against the government of the United States of America. This is not a smart move from someone drawing retirement pay from his time in the Army but what else is new? Flynn has never done anything productive, smart, or clever in the service of his country. When you think about the system that produced him, it's easy to see why this is all so ridiculous.

There are no good solutions for dealing with someone like Flynn. He has been given a presidential pardon. He has been freed from legal jeopardy (at least until he does something in this weird post-Trump era that is criminal in nature, which he will, no doubt). He can be recalled to active duty and have someone try to punish him for his public statements, but this is unlikely because the Army does not wish to appear "political" or take actions against what could be construed as unpopular free speech. His statements are those of a blithering idiot. You are free to be one in America, as we all know. I don't think anyone has the stomach to go down that road. 

Here's a great idea--stop producing general officers that act and think like Flynn. Look at what they actually believe and evaluate accordingly. Are they conspiracy theory spouting assclowns? Then maybe don't advance them in rank if they look good in uniform and can game the evaluation system. 

Our military should reward critical thinkers and people who learn from their mistakes. The promotion system that advanced Flynn past hundreds of other officers failed to account for the fact that he was unfit for the rank he ended up holding because of his lack of character. This is a man who more than likely lied when questioned about his activities in order to hold a security clearance.

But, hey. He got a pardon for all of that. Let's think about the system that produced the guy who hired him, fired him, and then pardoned him as well.

Where the hell am I?


Still not sure where I am, but it's no longer Maryland, my Maryland.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Presidency Based on Substance and Results


Once in a while, someone in the media is able to put our current political situation into words. This gets at the transformative and substantive changes that President Joe Biden is putting into place despite getting little notice or appreciation for his efforts:

President Joe Biden has been compared to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson and has even been called the "Anti-Reagan." 
But there's another legendary political character that people should cite to explain why Biden's governing approach during his first 100 days in office is such a radical break from the past.
That character is a Black woman of indeterminate age who has 12 Social Security cards, mooches on benefits from four fake dead husbands and collects welfare payments under 80 bogus names while getting food stamps.
She is, of course, the infamous Welfare Queen.
That's how Ronald Reagan described her when he introduced the character during a presidential campaign rally nearly half a century ago. Reporters investigating Reagan's 1976 Welfare Queen story concluded that it wasn't quite true. Though never mentioning a name or race, Reagan had exaggerated the abuses of an actual Black woman in Chicago.
It didn't matter, though, if the story was more fiction than fact. The Welfare Queen embodied the GOP's belief that sending government aid to the poor would backfire because freeloaders -- hint, Black people -- will invariably splurge that money on steak and lobster.

The 2022 midterms are probably going to mirror the 2018 midterms in that there won't be as much engagement once Trump is not on the ticket. His supporters are fair-weather voters. His lack of actual enthusiasm among moderates and people in the middle of the road is damning. Where are those voters going to go?

I think Biden has entered office prepared to lose the House and Senate in 2022. He knows he can't even sniff at breaking the law because of the very real threat that an unhinged House in Republican hands would impeach him for anything he might do. There's no chance that the Senate would remove him, of course, but that's how he's been running things--with the expectation that he will have to be impeached five times just because of the death lock Trump seems to have on everything.

Opposition to Biden is without substance or merit. He is a winner who is rewarding his base. His presidency is already off to a massive string of successful accomplishments. The American people typically reward a winner. Why they haven't abandoned Trumpism completely speaks to a deviation from character that is temporary.

This all seems soft to me. If anything, once Biden proves he can get results and fix things, he's going to have more support from the American voter and will likely be rewarded with a friendlier House and Senate. I could be entirely wrong there but one thing is certain--American democracy has been saved by African-American women voters every time it has come down to the wire. I have no doubt that they will save it again in a year and a half.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Gives a Shit About Liz Cheney?


The story of Liz Cheney and her fealty to the "old" Republican Party and her "principled" stand against Trumpism is laughable and ridiculous. You can be well assured that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is getting rid of her to alleviate pressure being brought by people who want to keep the money flowing to the party apparatus. It's all theater. It's all about 2024.

Cheney represents the corporate/national security people who attended their briefings and realized two things. 

One, Trump and his cronies walked off with the Republican National Committee's money and left them high and dry. And, as has been pointed out, this is more about the criminal enterprise behind Trump rather than Trump himself. He's an ambulatory bag of meat. He has no idea what's actually happening. But, what's behind him is a blackmail machine that controls the flow of money into the GOP.

Two, Liz Cheney is hard wired into the national security establishment and knows how deep Trump's ties to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are and what's being kept under wraps until it's time to let all of that stuff out of the vaults. She's betting that there's enough being held back to finish him off (I doubt it, but who knows anymore?)

The other Republicans aren't mad at Cheney for opposing Trump. They're mad that she got there first and paid attention in those national security briefings. They don't want her to be able to lecture them about anything. That's why they are kneecapping her this week (or at least trying to do so). If she keeps speaking up, the money will dry up. That's the only plausible reason for getting rid of her.

They'd be stupid to get rid of her. But that's the problem--they are all so fucking inept and incompetent that it will take a miracle for them to win anything going forward against a popular president. They are hell bent on doing the wrong thing and can't help but eat one of their own. 

Cheney doesn't care about anything. She thinks that the American people exist in order to serve her needs. She believes that sending troops overseas is the thing to do if it protects the business interests of everyone willing to give her "campaign" money. I'm surprised she even went into politics. It would be so much more lucrative to be the CEO of a defense contractor at this point, but oh well.

She has no ideology, no firm convictions, no belief in America as anything other than a cash machine that her family can use to build up a massive amount of established, untouchable wealth. She wants to ensure her father's legacy and set it up so that her children and grand-children will be running this country when she's gone. This is what American fascism really looks like--it's bland, it has no charisma, and it weaponizes the right kinds of information. Old man Dick must sit around all day, wringing his hands, hoping Liz can pull it off. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Free Community College Will Lift Millions Out of Poverty


President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden went to Virginia today to spread the word about their initiative to deliver on the promise of giving people access to free community college education benefits:

President Joe Biden took a whirlwind tour of Hampton Roads, a part of his Getting America Back on Track tour, on Monday to promote a $1.8 trillion legislative package that includes free universal pre-K and community college.

The proposal, dubbed the “American Families Plan” by the White House, would effectively create at least four additional free years of free public education. The plan also includes a federal family leave program, tax credits for childcare, increased financial aid for college students and dozens of other proposals.

In terms of what we need to fix in this country, health care and education run parallel to one another. You have to ensure that people have access to a functioning health care system that does not bankrupt them. And you also have to ensure people can get an education and the job training they need to have the ability to work and be productive. The third leg of all this is the ability to live in communities where the air and water aren't poisoned. 

Putting them together as I have, in my awkward way, tells you a very complex story. But it is as simple as hell--once people don't have to worry about health care, getting trained and educated, and dying from living in a hellhole, they can be lifted out of poverty. They can have great opportunities. They can have some peace of mind and get ahead. They can provide for their families.

This is what is so transformative about the Biden presidency. We're finally going to start fixing the critical shit that needs to be fixed.

Putin Actually Does Kill People


Vladimir Putin is responsible for an untold number of murders. He kills his own people. He kills people who aren't even Russian citizens. He kills because the West lets him get away with it.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is just telling the truth here:

ZAKARIA: President Biden was asked if he thought Vladimir Putin was a killer and he said yes. Was that too undiplomatic of him? There were people who criticized him saying well, look, you've got to deal with this guy and this is going to make any kind of cooperation more difficult? 

CLINTON: I think he told the truth. And I think that if he had equivocated or dodged the question, that would have also had repercussions. You know, there are tens of thousands, probably millions and millions of Russians who know they're being badly governed, who want more, who want to be part of the, you know, broader modern world, who leave Russia if they can in order to live in the United States or Canada or Europe, you know, seeking not only freedom but opportunity. 

And so for a United States president to have brushed aside what everyone knows to be true would have been demoralizing. Now he still has to deal with him. We know that. He talks to him on the phone. They may end up meeting. We did that through the Cold War. We did that with the Soviet Union. We did that with, you know, communists who had been part of Stalin's purges and murderous communist regimes. 

Of course, we will have to keep talking. But that doesn't mean we should sugar coat the damage that Putin has done both to Russia and to countries and people outside. His killing machine run by, you know, the intelligence and military services of his country have killed across Europe, have killed as we know very clearly inside Russia. 

And I just think that we've got to call it for what it is and give some -- you know, give some hope and support, even by long distance, to the many, many Russians who know they deserve better. 

What should bother people about this exchange is not what Clinton says but rather the fact that more people don't take her analysis seriously. She's absolutely correct and providing support to the new Biden Administration. She's also adding tremendous value to the debate because of her skills and expertise.

No, the real tragedy here is that America had a chance to put her in charge of things and, instead, went with what we've had for the last four years. So many things need to be fixed and so much of what went on represents a huge hole in American foreign policy. There is no possibility of understating just how wrong things went in 2016.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Toilet Swordsman Cometh


This is the guy who hid in a toilet stall with a Civil War era sword when the U.S. Capitol was invaded by Trump supporters:

U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman of Arkansas hid on a toilet with a sword during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in January, according to a New York Times article published Monday.

 The U.S. House chamber was evacuated Jan. 6 as pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol. The siege came after former President Donald Trump hosted a rally where he called for his supporters to "fight like hell”against election results and invited them to walk to the Capitol.

After being evacuated, Westerman and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy reportedly hid in McCarthy’s office. But when rioters began breaking into the building, McCarthy’s security detail had him leave Westerman behind.

 “For protection, Mr. Westerman said he commandeered a Civil War sword from an office display, barricaded himself in Mr. McCarthy’s private bathroom and waited out the siege while crouched on the toilet,” The New York Times reported.

During the riot, Westerman tweeted, "Americans will always disagree on politics, but violently storming our nation’s Capitol is absolutely unacceptable. People are getting hurt. Enough."
It is unknown if Westerman was in McCarthy’s bathroom at that point. His spokesperson said he was unavailable on Tuesday to comment on The New York Times' report.

I really don't care about Mr. Westerman or the obviously ridiculous and hypocritical things he has (probably) said since January. I don't care about these people because they have abandoned any pretense of being serious adults who are committed to the defense of this country and to our democracy. I think there are probably numerous stories like this that could be told and, really, who gives a shit?

Nobody in the Republican Party cares about governance anymore. It's a smash and grab for the cash that has been left on the table. They are living in safely Gerrymandered districts now and have a permanent place at the trough that shovels money into their campaigns (which is usually siphoned off and used to pay mistresses, hookers, and drug dealers but that's only if you're a tool like Matt Gaetz).

The ludicrousness of thinking that a Civil War era sword would protect him against people ostensibly there to ensure that Trump is kept in power is what sticks out to me. They're on your side, jackass! But, in the case of mistaken identity or the howling outrage of a mob, what do you do when you're just some hick from the backwoods? How's that sword gonna save you when they crush you in a doorway and hose you down with bear spray? How's it going to work when someone takes the American flag to your skull?

Not everybody can be a star on Hannity one night and a darling of OAN on another night. Not everybody can be a picture of hardass manly ability in one respect and a wearer of soiled suit pants the next. It's hard out there for a GOP rep with no fame or fortune. Won't someone think of the lowly backbenchers next time they call down a squirming mob of domestic terrorists?

If you want proof that there is no shame left, think of the long career this asshole will have. He'll get re-elected every time he goes before the voters. They'll send him back to Washington D.C. again and again. This is why our democracy is actually failing. No one has the courage to realize how cowardly they are in the face of a real insurrection.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Karen Flees Her Ancestral Home of Minneapolis


Hey, here's some racist claptrap from someone who doesn't realize that they have been living in a major American city:

Minneapolis is my home. My happiest memories are here. It’s where I learned to ride a bike, had my first date, received my high school diploma.
But today, I’m too afraid to even walk in my neighborhood by myself.
The ACE Hardware down the street? The one that I used to bike to in the summer? Robbed twice in the past five days.
The Walgreens next to my elementary school? Molotov cocktail thrown into it.
The Lake Harriet Bandshell, where we spent countless Mother’s Days? Homeless encampment popped up next door.
These are the things you don’t read about in the news.
Ten minutes from my house, at 38th and Chicago, there is still an autonomous zone. Police are not allowed to enter. Residents have died because medical authorities couldn’t get through, and carjackers (of which there are MANY) will speed into the zone to escape officer pursuit.

Good luck explaining to this person that their tolerance for bullshit happening every day in their own city created the current environment. What you actually see is someone who just wishes that the police could go back to killing anonymous citizens in order to terrorize the population and control activity.

The Minneapolis that I lived in decades ago was full of these people. It's still full of them. They'll be with us forever. They want the cops to kill people of color and maintain segregated areas where white people can do whatever they want while poor people of color are forced to live with someone's knee on their neck. This didn't just happen one day almost a year ago. It was the preferred method of population control in a city where the police union all but guaranteed employment for an untold number of killers wearing badges.

And now, Minneapolis is in turmoil. Come see the turmoil in cities across the country. A simple device--the hand-held telephone camera--is telling the story of the real America and it is creating uncomfortable discussions about what one group of people has had to live with for their entire existence in this country. And the white people who can't confront this or deal with it are shitting their collective pants because the idea that everyone being treated equally pisses them off.

If this woman loved her city, she'd fight for it and realize that her neighbors who are people of color have been treated like third-class citizens. She would be agitating for them to be treated like everyone else. And she damned sure wouldn't be cherry-picking incidents to make the case that it is people of color who are destroying everything.

I mean, come on, Karen.

Where's you outrage for this asshole? 

Meet Ivan Harrison Hunter. He traveled from Boerne, Texas all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota and burned down a police station. He does not look black to me, by the way, and his single act did more damage to the community than someone who doesn't look like him.

A rightwing extremist boasted of driving from Texas to Minneapolis to help set fire to a police precinct during the George Floyd protests, federal prosecutors said.
US attorney Erica MacDonald said on Friday that she had charged Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old Texas resident, with traveling across state lines to participate in a riot. The charges are the latest example of far-right extremists attempting to use violence to escalate national protests against police brutality into an uprising against the government, and even full civil war.
The case also reveals the extent of the coordination between violent members of the nascent far-right “Boogaloo Bois” movement operating in different cities across the country.
According to the criminal complaint against Hunter, on 26 May, as intense protests broke out in Minneapolis over the killing of George Floyd by a city police officer, a “Boogaloo Boi” based in Minnesota posted a public Facebook message: “I need a headcount.”
Hunter, a resident of Boerne, Texas, which is roughly 1,200 miles away, responded: “72 hours out.”

He's the one who decided that he had the right to burn down the whole thing to start with. And it is truly an example of racism in America that he isn't more famous and that there isn't a treasure trove of expertly lit photos of this motherfucker that can be shared. He is relatively anonymous and tolerated by far too many people when he is, in fact, charged with doing tremendous harm to the citizens of Minneapolis. 

So don't give me this crap about how it's all because of someone else. They didn't ruin Minneapolis. This woman did by tolerating years and years of oppression and violence against basic decency.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Rich Are Living on Borrowed Time


The disparities between the poor and the rich in places like Mexico are laid out for you if you know where to look. On one side you have luxury and on the other side you have falling-down slums. Never has the empty phrase "it is what it is" meant so much in terms of explaining why this happens in our world. The walls that divide the classes exist because the rich are tolerated and protected with guns and the rule of law and the poor are handed empty promises of a better tomorrow if they would only stop being stupid and lazy. 

Here in America, we already know there are distinct separations between three groups--the increasingly mega-rich, our dwindling Middle Class, and then everyone else. We are approaching an inflection point and this is where President Joe Biden has thrown down the gauntlet:

President Joe Biden will propose almost doubling the capital gains tax rate for wealthy individuals to 39.6% to help pay for a raft of social spending that addresses long-standing inequality, according to people familiar with the proposal.

For those earning $1 million or more, the new top rate, coupled with an existing surtax on investment income, means that federal tax rates for wealthy investors could be as high as 43.4%. The new marginal 39.6% rate would be an increase from the current base rate of 20%, the people said on the condition of anonymity because the plan is not yet public.

A 3.8% tax on investment income that funds Obamacare would be kept in place, pushing the tax rate on returns on financial assets higher than rates on some wage and salary income, they said.

The second Trump term in office would have obliterated most of the remaining taxes on wealth in this country. Health care would be rare, unsafe, and expensive. We would have seen a theoretically GOP-controlled House and Senate pass tax cuts in 2022 that would have made even the Chamber of Commerce blush like a schoolgirl. Had it not been for the fact that Trump was an scrotum-necked gasbag who got high on his own stash and beat the help, they probably would have skated to re-election and not lost the House in 2018. Alas, it all turned to shit and we know how it happened. A reasonably competent version of Trump would be right where George W. Bush was in 2005. Deluded, confused, and convinced he was going to have the political capital to end Social Security.

Raising taxes is what keeps Rupert Murdoch in business. The outrage machine has to be stoked otherwise all of those slowly fading Fox News viewers will suddenly start to like what Sleepy Joe is selling them. The best way to steal the thunder of a populist is to hurt the people who haven't been hurt in a good long while. Brother, the filthy rich in America have it coming.

Biden will make these announcements and then take a tax hike closer to 35% as a compromise. The money people in this country will beat their chests and make empty threats about taking their money overseas. Many already have and many more already know that, if they do, they'll lose it because foreign banks are either corrupt or hold wealth hostage in order to prop up failing governments. Sure, take your money to Cyprus. Good luck getting it out of there when everything goes sideways.

I mean, honestly. Every single wealthy person in America (anyone with more than $50 million in assets) has already spent a decade or more hiding their money from the tax man and paying so very little that I doubt whether doubling the rates or even tripling them would make much difference. The government would have to go to Europe, the Caribbean, and wherever else and confiscate this money to make a difference. 

There are no honest people holding onto more than a billion dollars in this world. You can bet on that. And you can bet on the notion that taking it from them would be harder than putting your Grandma safely on Mars by next Tuesday.

I like this new future. I like the idea of the rich having to come out of their compounds and live in the real world where the Federal government actually pays for keeping human beings alive. More of this, please.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Relentless Bullshit From an Incompetent Bunch of Idiots


The absolute worst coverage of the Biden Presidency is actually coming from Politico these days. To be fair, most of the coverage is of low quality and ignores Republican obstructionism, lawlessness, and conveniently forgets the abject cruelty and incompetence of the last president.

Here, a roundup of reactions from people who should know better attempts to make President Biden seem as bad and as out of touch with "regular" Americans as former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown inherited a massive fiscal problem, environmental disasters, and a state undergoing rapid social, economic, and cultural challenges. Not only did he get re-elected, he left office after doing a better than average job of addressing the problems. You'll note that he did not create a cult of personality, end democracy in California, jail his enemies, and avoid making hard decisions.

So, I'm not sure why Politico thinks comparing President Biden to Governor Brown is a bad thing. In their world, of course it's an awful, sick burn. But what they fail to grasp is that, when everything goes wrong, you want a Democrat in office instead of a Republican. You want leadership that at least has a grasp on real problems. If you look at what has happened in California during COVID-19, there's no way to conclude that Gavin Newsom has done everything the right way. But, if you compare him to Abbott in Texas, Kemp in Georgia, and DeSantis in Florida, there's no way you'd pick any of them over any Democratic governor in the country. 

Nothing in this country is ever solved instantly and that's why political hacks don't understand how to govern and lead complex governments. They don't understand that making structural reforms, setting an agenda that provides guidance to state or Federal agencies, and making difficult budget choices is what Democrats routinely do in a far better manner than their GOP counterparts. 

And I really don't think people get this point--there is no cult of personality around President Biden. When he screws up, his only effective critics are fellow Democrats. Yes, I want him to raise the cap on refugees, stand up to our foreign adversaries, pull our troops out of Afghanistan, and punish everyone who stormed the Capitol on January 6. I want him to pack the courts, raise the minimum wage, and do whatever it takes to deliver COVID-19 relief to people in this country and around the world. I am sorely disappointed when he doesn't do what I think is the right thing. But he is a million times better than Trump or anyone Republican. There's no comparison to what we just went through as a country.

Maybe I'm still feeling traumatized, but, up until the moment Joe took office, I was pretty concerned for our future. Now, I can see the long game and the slow approach rooted in common sense and following the law that President Biden has chosen and I am learning to be patient. And grateful, too. But I am not blind to the fact that there are still far too many people in this country who are inventing bullshit out of thin air in order to cause our country to fail.