Friday, October 30, 2020

Trump is Poisoning Every Aspect of Our Lives


There are plenty of people in this country who are stupid enough to believe that doctors "get more money if someone dies from COVID" and that's why you can't ignore what Trump said today in Michigan.

It's a blatant lie. It has to be labeled as such. It has to be refuted and dealt with. It's too dangerous to let it stand. No, doctors are not getting "more money" if they say that someone has died from COVID-19. It's to the point now where a blood libel like this is not even news because it has been overwhelmed by a hundred other pieces of excrement dressed up as presidential statements to the public.

Good God.

The credibility of the presidency is, I would have to say, smashed to fucking bits. It will take decades just to build up what little is needed in order to get people to believe even the most basic things. It will come down to the president asking people to evacuate due to a possible natural disaster and an untold number will die because they don't believe what they're being told.

Trump's utter destruction of everything normal and decent didn't begin with the decision to lie. George W. Bush carried that ball as far as he could. This reliance on bar stool pronouncements didn't start with Trumpism, but it sure picked up steam when Reagan used it to denounce "welfare queens." We are really paying for it now, aren't we?

Accountability begins with the ballot box and the entire GOP is running away from the voters right now. They are trying to game the system. They are using the law like a battering ram, trying to get out of here as fast as they can with whatever they've stolen. This is the first president in history who may have to be chased into exile and dragged back to face justice in a jumpsuit fitted with adult diapers and a spit hood.

Every once in a while, a snippet of outrage like this just gets to me. I can't even function as a real blogger anymore. I have to let so much of this just go by me or I'll get wrapped up in my own bullshit. It is exhausting, it is scream-inducing, it is overwhelming. Trump and his enablers are smashing the entire system into dust as they flee the scene of the crime. Dead Americans everywhere and our media complex is openly wondering if Joe Biden isn't "taking COVID-19 too seriously."

Come on, Election Day. I am really spent. I am so beaten down. Let's just get to where we can think straight again. Fucking hell.

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