Monday, October 26, 2020

Crazy Liz Peek Lives in Her Own Universe


The entire conservative media establishment lives in a reality bubble that cannot be pierced.

Welcome to the final week of one of the most vengeful and acrimonious elections in our country’s history. Very soon we will know whether Establishment Elites have succeeded in defeating a president who broke some glass in order to make our country great again.

 We will also know whether the campaign went on one week too long for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

New revelations that Biden apparently lied when he claimed no knowledge of his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and elsewhere and that the candidate may in fact have been entangled in those activities, has rocked the campaign.

If you hear that being read from a teleprompter in Cecily Strong's voice, modified to mimic that of Judge Jeanne Pirro, you're well on your way to understanding why these people are nuts.

This election is vengeful and acrimonious because of all the dead Americans. It's hard to have a respectable and polite election when tens of millions of Americans are out of work, have seen their loved ones die, and are staring into the abyss of what happens when you let Republicans govern this country. If there's anything vengeful about this election, look no further than this fucking guy:

Joe Biden had a great week last week. He's put together a string of great weeks because he has brought empathy and understanding to the fight. His answers in the debate were measured and calm in the face of what has to be an onslaught of lies against his personal dignity. If anything, the fact that he didn't knock Trump on his ass for attaching his son is worthy of a Pulitzer Peace Price.

The campaign has not been "rocked" by any of Rudy's accusations. If anything, you have to praise people for not falling for a Russian disinformation campaign that appears to be run out of Guiliani's underwear drawer. 

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