Friday, September 4, 2020

This Country is Probably Over

There have been so many warning signs, all of them ignored by people who call themselves Americans.

We knew in the early days of Trump's campaign and Trump's presidency that he was a bum. He hated the very ideals that made America a unique experiment. He was always a rudderless, transactional human being who was shamelessly cruel to anyone who raised a voice against him. It didn't matter if you were a Senator who had been a prisoner of war. It didn't matter if you were the father and son of a man killed wearing the uniform of this country. It didn't matter if you were a kid shot in a classroom or a woman run over by a car for the sin of protesting neo-Nazi shitheads. If you opposed Trump, you received whatever cruelty he could dish out.

Trump has always hated the military. He is fearful and intimidated by any display of courage or selflessness. When it came out recently that he disparaged those killed in World War I and that he had no idea why we fought on the side of the English and French, the reaction broke across the fault lines that mark our political boundaries right now.

He is a chickenshit, and his adult sons Uday and Qusay are chickenshits as well. Kushner is a slapdick chickenshit of the highest order. There is nothing but eviction notices, overdue payments, and bankruptcy filings coming out of those men from now on. There isn't a one of them who would ever be considered anything other than stark raving failsons in a normal society.

Absolutely no one who has supported Trump through four years of vicious cruelty will be moved to oppose him. There are no decent people left who can be persuaded to vote against him. They have welded themselves to the deck of that sinking ship. There isn't going to be a shift or movement in the polls because the support he enjoys is what reveals that America is basically over as a country unless there is some shift away from the death cult of Trumpism.

Trumpism, like Nazism, is a fanatics wet dream. All you need is the arm band and an unshakeable belief that the person representing the government is infallible and cannot be questioned. The true believer will burn in the fire when the good guys finally get around to encircling the city and rooting them out. It will probably not come to that in this country since you also need to have a healthy dose of physical cowardice to get behind Trump but whatever.

When Trump loses the 2020 election, he will not surrender power in a peaceful, legitimate transition of power. It will take lawyers and courts and orders and threats to drive him from office. It's frustrating that people don't accept this possibility and plan for it accordingly. It may take months to separate him from the reins of power this Spring. We may end up with a situation where the DOD and the DOJ represent the disloyal branch of the Executive and most of the other Federal agencies line up behind a government in exile, run out of Wilmington, Delaware. Who knows? Am I wrong? Probably.

The Constitution clearly says that Trump's term will end at noon on January 20, 2021. When has that ever mattered to a conservative? The Constitution is only relevant when it comes to maintaining power and white supremacy to them.

The country is probably over because Trump's solid 42% will never consent to being governed unless they can terrorize the majority of people who want nothing to do with what we have now. They won't accept any outcome that takes away their dear leader. We had better figure out what that means as far as putting America back together as something that functions like a real nation/state with rules, norms, customs and actual laws.

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