Monday, September 21, 2020

Robert Mueller Betrayed His Country

This is what you get when a lifelong Republican is tasked with investigating a Republican president:

Nobody in the GOP believes in the rule of law or the idea of America. Those are convenient catchphrases when they want to throw people in prison or stop the Democratic Party from expanding freedom for the American people. It is a cult of power. When they hold power, they stop social progress and transfer wealth to the rich. When they do not hold power, they desperately try to stop human progress.

The entirety of the conservative argument for governance is now wrapped around making sure that after Trump is thrown out of office that they can go back to a more polite form of advancing the cause of white supremacy and handing trillions of dollars to the rich.

Robert Mueller knew that if he acted like a normal prosecutor he would find crimes. The crimes have been committed out in the open since day fucking one! The crimes are right there for normal people to see! But, as a committed defender of the Republican Party, he had to ensure that his investigation did not end up destroying any chance of the GOP winning the presidency in the post-Trump era.

Institutionalists defend their own, and that's what Mueller did. He carried out a weak, pathetic excuse for an investigation into the greatest criminal enterprise in history. He let the Trump crime syndicate walk.

This was a betrayal of the American ideal. The founders could not have anticipated Trump nor could they have accounted for men like Mueller who would facilitate the wholesale ratfucking and betrayal of democracy itself.

And the very idea that Mueller could not--could not--question the adult children of Donald Trump is the biggest farce of all. These are adults who appear to have committed numerous crimes. These are adults whose criminal activities--all of them proven in the State of New York--have resulted in being banned from operating charities. This is a level of deference that would never, ever be shown to any Democratic politician's family members or children. 

What a fucking travesty of justice. 

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