Tuesday, August 4, 2020

While You Were Distracted

Senator Richard Blumenthal is probably not the best messenger for this type of warning, but it is interesting to note that someone is at least trying to cut through the noise and static and warn the American people.

I think it is a warning that should come from the leadership of the Democratic Party in the Senate, and Blumenthal should have coordinated this with the other members of the Senate caucus. At the very least, he should have other Senators weighing in with him and joining in calls that demand accountability. Senator Mark Warner should be right with him on this, at a minimum. As of right now, Warner is focused on other issues.

If there is, in fact, ongoing foreign interference and sabotage of our election process, one Senator tweeting about it is not the way to disseminate the information. It needs to be shared in a responsible way that does not compromise classified information. That, in and of itself, is entirely a separate problem. The public's right to know what is happening is far more important than keeping this classified and hidden from view. If anything, 2016 should have taught us that countering this effort should not be kept secret. There should have been more warnings about how the Russians and the GOP were working together.

What's also of note is that Blumenthal might not even be referencing the Russians. A whole host of nations are now invested in the idea of keeping a weak, bumbling, feeble Trump in power. And all this is going on while people are distracted by bullshit.

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