Sunday, August 16, 2020

Trump and Melania Are No Longer an Item

It is clear to everyone who notices these things that Trump cannot put his hands on Melania without causing her to turn, pull away and reject his attempts to hold on to her. This is due to several factors. One, Trump is terrified of falling and needs her to be there to help him. Two, she does not want him to touch her. Three, she doesn't care if there are cameras rolling or not.
It has become a form of Kremlinology, watching her all but scream "no! do not touch me!" every time they are accidentally next to one another. How can you conclude that these people are even still married given how she reacts when he is in proximity to her? It's a farce. They're not a couple anymore. They're linked by something sinister and wrong.

If this was a Democratic couple, the tea leaves would have already been read. We have been subjected to endless commentaries on the personal relationships of Democratic politicians and their spouses. We will see more of this in the months ahead. The media ignores the fact that Melania is openly refusing to have physical contact with her husband because they are afraid of right wing pushback on the idea that theirs is anything other than a marriage of expedience and temporary insanity.

This is clear evidence of the hypocrisy in how the different sides are covered. What is happening in plain sight is ignored in favor of maintaining access to Trump's sycophant-riddled fiasco of a regime.

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