Saturday, August 1, 2020

Nothing Else Matters

Because you and tens of thousands of dead Americans don't matter, Trump is on his way to his personal golf club in Sterling, Virginia:

These are the actions of a man who knows that the fix is in. He's not concerned with trying to win re-election. He doesn't care about the economy or COVID-19 or any of the other problems facing this country. He simply doesn't give a shit if people are dying. He can't hold rallies, so his attitude now is "fuck it." If this isn't a pretty clear sign that Russia and a host of other outside elements are going to intervene on his behalf and steal the election, I don't know what is. Yesterday, the Speaker of the House had to shame a government official into admitting that the Russians are already well into the process of interfering in this election.

What's it going to take to wake people up?

Trump has always acted like the election was a nuisance rather than a necessity. Four years ago, he was busy trying to win the 2016 election by doing things like this:

You can see how far we've fallen as a country. This is the man that got elected. A man who would attack the family of a soldier killed in the global war on terrorism, a man who specifically went after a Gold Star mother because he knew he could attack her because she practiced a faith that wasn't Christian. And millions of Americans endorsed his comments and turned on the late Senator John McCain for daring to speak up on behalf of decency.

This is where we are, four years later. We're a country that is collapsing but, don't worry. Trump's golf game is what matters to him. Millions of Americans are perfectly fine with this even as many of them are literally dropping dead.

Perhaps we should stop worrying about who gets the nod for Vice President and go about the serious business of electing Joe Biden. Nothing else matters.

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