Thursday, July 9, 2020

Yeah, I'm the Taxman

The Supreme Court delivered their (long overdue) decisions regarding Trump's tax returns this morning and it was a predictable shit storm of bad takes and questionable analysis. I think we need to start this off and go with what Neil Katyal has to say here:

I don't think anything else really needs to be added to this because we just don't know what is going to happen in New York with regards to Cyrus Vance and a sitting grand jury.  We need to take a "wait and see" approach here because of what Katyal says above. It was refreshing to see Judge Andrew Napolitano school the Fox News crowd as well.

The reality is, today's pair of decsions are a political debacle for Trump. The decision to not release his tax returns back in early 2016 like every other normal political candidate is now, finally, working its way through the courts. This should have disqualified him right from the start but, because the Republican Party is a broken institution full of complicit lunatics, they embraced the shattering of norms and customs that will likely cost them for the next twenty years or more.

You can call that a fatal mistake. It might not look like it because we've been following this relentless and tiring story for years. But that's also the mistake that Trump and his bad attorneys have been making. They never had an exit strategy from this scandal. They are caught and they know it.

Now, if Trump was smart, and we know from watching him that he is not, he'd dump his tax returns Friday afternoon and tell everyone to go to hell (he's really good at that). He won't. And the reason why is that he never should have run for president in the first place because he is (probably!) implicated in tax fraud and compromised by more than one foreign bank or power and now that carefully constructed house of flaming bullshit is collapsing all around him.

If Trump had won today, he would have gloated. He lost, and so he had a meltdown. The fear is not that Congress might get to see his tax returns. The fear is that he, and his worthless children, are going to be indicted in New York State for felonies upon felonies and sent to prison for crimes that a president cannot pardon.

President Trump is a crook. That's all he is. That's all he's ever been. He's a goddamned crook, and so are his offspring.

And, what's more--he's the guy running the country! Trump is supposed to set an example for other Americans so that they will pay their taxes and he has failed because the GOP represents a cult-like figure who believes that he is above the law. Trump is the antithesis of public service. But he's the guy who decides who will be hired to be the taxman along with all of the other public servants whose job it is to make him look good and run the government properly. I mean, it's crazy when you think of it and I hate to simplify things, but the one person who represents the government is exactly the person who can't even do a reasonable job of looking honest.

He's supposed to be above all reproach.

And yet, he's the crookedest of the crooked.

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