Monday, July 13, 2020

Chuck Woolery Has Trump's Ear

This is what it looks like when you hand the country over to an incompetent boob:

None of that is true, of course, and the fact that Trump retweeted and endorsed this message indicates that the country is going to go through some things for a good long while until we figure out how to function as a civic-minded democracy again.

Believing conspiracy theories and endorsing them has to be something that the American people should be working overtime to defeat from now on. We cannot have this bullshit. We cannot live in a society where someone can pull nonsense out of their ass, spread it around like a toxic gas, and have millions of followers lap it up. This is the opposite of governing. This is what it's like for an illegitimate ruler to operate. It should be mocked and derided by decent people everywhere.

The danger in all of this is that someone is going to get infected with COVID-19 and die specifically because they believed Woolery and Trump instead of the actual experts. We are seeing this happen to people in real time and it isn't registering with the general public. They continue to believe in conspiracy theories because of who is endorsing them and spreading them around.

It's not that this has to stop--it certainly does. We have to understand how we got here and how we can avoid ever going down this road again. We have to fix this problem in a way that fixes it for good.

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