Friday, May 1, 2020

Quit Falling For This Crap

Vice President Joe Biden went out and hired a bunch of worthless advisors and now you see the results of his decision to listen to them and talk to the media about Tara Reade. He does not have to dignify this bullshit with anything other than a polite statement issued through his campaign. He should have pointed out that there will likely be more of these accusations because they are, literally, the only things that can be used against him because he's clean and fully vetted otherwise.

You're watching a disinformation campaign spin out of control. It has bubbled up from the dirtbag left and now it has caught fire because Biden and his goddamned campaign have given it the oxygen it needs to burn into the minds of the Morning Joe crowd and whoever else gets paid big bucks to write about politics and does so without ever glancing past the idea that "both sides" are corrupt so let's have a chuckle about those stupid Democrats.

Biden could submit to a hundred in-depth hour-long interviews over this subject from now until Election Day and there would still be headlines that talk about "unanswered accusations" and "troubling developments" and "credible allegations of rape" and that's because the media has no idea how to handle the manipulations of the Trump era.

Hey, they wanted to find Biden's Benghazi and his Emails and now they have their catnip. Women who have credible allegations against powerful men will be used as a cudgel against throwing Trump out of office. Yes, the very same Trump who wouldn't sit for a single interview about his sexual assaults or his lawlessness or his abuse of the rule of law or his tax returns.

The Democratic Party and the Biden campaign are going to do their damndest to make a blowout election as close as possible, a real squeaker if you will. They are running against an incredibly unpopular president who has been impeached. They are trying to beat a guy who shitposts about his ratings while his incompetence is actively killing tens of thousands of Americans and creating a second Great Depression. And this is all because he couldn't be bothered to look at a Presidential Daily Brief that was more complex than a kindergarten lesson on how to wash your hands. And they're making the mistake of thinking that this media climate is favorable to them.

It ain't. The media companies in this country are salivating at four more years of Trump. They want the ratings that his dumpster fire presidency brings to the table. They are making hay out of your outrage and they want more of it, so much more of it that they don't care if everyone is sleeping in rubble when it's all over.

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  1. I hope Biden takes a lesson from this bad judgement on his part - the Democrats will have only one chance to prevent America from becoming a fully fledged dictatorship. Get it right, Biden.