Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Million Cases

What's the real story in America?

Trump is a failed president. He failed to act in a timely manner to protect America from COVID-19. He is presiding over a "regime" that has failed to catch up to the disaster his indifference and incompetence created. He has failed to fire the right people, and, so far, the only way to lose your job in Trump's White House is to speak truth to power or stand up for what is right.

That number--one million cases--is entirely on Trump's head. He told us it would go from fifteen down to zero. Hell, we haven't even seen the down slope of this thing.

What a complete and utter failure. A colossal, stinking cock-up of Biblical proportions. Hyperbole is dead and you couldn't write this as a novel and sell it to anyone. They'd laugh at you if you tried. No reasonable person would ever want to take over a country in this bad of shape, but that's every Democrat in a position to do so right now. They're ready to fix everything and remake the country. The Democratic Party is the kid who keeps digging in the manure pile, looking for the pony out of a sense of optimism and good cheer.

Trump is the kid who shot the pony, lost his money down the toilet, got drunk downtown, and ended up married to the whore who invented syphilis.

It is not possible to overstate what a failure Trump has been as president. He is a failson in every sense of the word, successful only in creating two sons and a daughter who might actually be larger failures than himself, if that's possible.

The economy is smashed and broken. Will we see thirty million jobs disappear in a matter of months, shattering every record in existence? Will we see bankers jumping out of windows--don't hold your breath. The nation is a bankrupt shell. The coffers are empty, and every attempt to route help to people in need has been a case study in watching the rich steal from the government and laugh their asses off about it in real time. Trump put Steve Mnuchin in charge and, in about three years, the Justice Department is going to watch Mnuchin end up being ripped apart in Federal Court by a tiger team of prosecutors who will have, by then, figured out what he did to trade on insider information and wreck the Treasury Department.

Then you have the people who will have to be tried for maladministration and making decisions no sane person would make, routing aid to their buddies and abusing the public trust. Somewhere, in the Old Executive Office building, someone appointed by Trump is fucking a goddamned chicken and we're going to have to investigate and prosecute that sick son of a bitch as well. Then there are the staffers who are going to walk off with government laptops on January 20th, 2021. We're going to have to build more jails and fill them, and then build more.

And then it will be all of the other grifters and thieves who will have their days in court. Multiple courts, fraud at an unprecedented scale, so much law breaking that the minor players probably won't end up in the docket until a decade or more has gone by. We haven't even begun to contemplate how we'll handle prosecuting a shitheel like Scott Pruitt, who was gone before it all collapsed but has likely made off with the spoils of being a Trump appointee.

Failure. Have you ever seen so much of it? Even a lucky bastard like George W. Bush has to be holding his sides and laughing in his kitchen when he realizes just how awful things are right now. They've forgotten how rotten he was. No where near this many people died because of his stupid ass. What a comfort it must be for him now. He'll live out every year going forward safe in the knowledge that at least he ain't no Trump.

That's the real story. Trump's failure dwarfs that of all of our other failed presidents in the modern era. It's so bad, it makes it difficult to consider anything else without cringing.

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