Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Stay Calm Because There Are Still Pancakes

Day after day of watching the news and being exposed to the media meltdown that is happening right now have taken their toll on me, and now I'm going to write about pancakes.

When I worked for some great people last year, I discovered that they were enthusiastic about bringing in food and sharing it with the whole team. This made the place somewhat happier, maybe a little more productive, and definitely reinforced my decision to work there. I really liked it, but I had to move on. These things run you over but you find a way to keep going.

Someone brought in a big can full of pancakes! What a fantastic idea. If you want to make your corner of the world a better place, crank out a bunch of pancakes and share them. There are worse things that you could do.

We are being inundated with bad news right now, scary news. Terrifying things are happening. Our current government is a dumpster fire of incompetence and chaos. We all know this.

What we don't know is what this means for our neighbors, our friends, our families. It's okay to focus on all of that and turn away from current events a bit. Think locally, and consider that resources are about to come into play for people who have been living on a thread. Be prepared to give and share and act in the public good. If that means staying home, you should do so. If that means helping others, you are doing a great thing.

Our economy is about to take a sustained hit. People living on the margins of our society are going to suffer. Keep them in your thoughts and, if you can, stay out of the horror show of panic and rage that exists right now. Adding to it accomplishes nothing. Acting in the best interests of others, no matter how large or small of an effort, is the most positive thing anyone could do.

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