Monday, March 16, 2020

Presidential Harassment!

Trump cannot fail, he can only be failed.
BREAKING: The Dow plunged nearly 3,000 points for its worst one-day point drop in history and worst percentage decline since “Black Monday" in 1987. Stocks fell to session lows after Pres. Trump said the coronavirus outbreak could last until July or August
In the days and weeks ahead, you will find yourself randomly screaming into the void because the media will help the Republicans escape accountability for throwing nothing but sand into the gears of the American way of life. They'll get away with letting people die. They'll get away with people being thrown out of their homes. They'll get away with letting untold numbers of people go hungry. They'll get away with all of the people being detained right now getting sick.

Did your 401K go to hell this week? Well, that wasn't Trump's fault. That's what happens when you elect Republicans. In short order, they have destroyed the economy. We get to spend the next few years crawling out of the same goddamned hole they dug for us in 2008.

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