Monday, March 23, 2020

Kill the Poor

I want you to realize that our governing elites are making plans to move on without you:
President Donald Trump and his team face a painful dilemma: If they take the draconian measures necessary to halt the coronavirus pandemic the economy will likely fall into not just a recession, but even a depression. On the other hand, if they take only half measures to halt the spread of the virus we could see the worst pandemic in American history.

The Trump administration has, by default, fallen into something of a middle ground between these two paths that is likely to lead both to a bad pandemic and a deep recession.

The costs of letting the disease spread uncontrollably were laid out in sobering detail in a study published last week by Imperial College, London. It found that as many as 2.2 million people could die of Covid-19 in the US if the disease were to spread completely uncontrolled. By way of comparison, 675,000 American died of the Spanish flu in 1918.
Right now, twelve American states are mandating that their citizens stay home. The rest don't give a damn or are hoping the Coronavirus does not ravage their cities and towns. I don't know what that hope is going to bring them, but there it is.

We are living in a world where we might as well admit what Trump wants to do. He wants to kill the poor so the rich can keep their cash. You can sugar coat it any way you want. The stock market is plummeting, and the wealthy are screeching for their bailout.

The Democrats are fighting against that bailout, but they might have to fold in order to help others. Let's just call it the kill the poor strategy. Kill the poor and make the impact of a global pandemic a little lighter here. Let's watch and see who invests in funeral homes and crematoriums, or in those clever tributes that will be shot into space so that people three hundred years from now can read how goddamned awful we were in 2020 to those unfortunate enough to get sick.

Not making light of this. We're debating whether to kill the poor. This is an examination of what people value. Do they place human life above economic prosperity? If there's a way to keep people alive, and if it costs us all, then what are we talking about here? An embrace of economic Darwinism?

Look, gramps and grandma, you were the Greatest Generation but we're sick of your bellyaching. We'll keep you alive if you can contribute to the economy or have the means to pay for a ventilator and some bullshit miracle drugs. If you can't, well, you're out of luck. We already have a medical system for the poor and a separate one for the rich. We already live in separate communities, some completely walled off from the populace and patrolled by armed guards. Don't worry, the nice place outside of town where we're going to spread your ashes is ready.

America has continued to sink to banana republic status, and it has accelerated under Trump. They're giving us a shrug and they're saying, "well, we gotta kill the poor or we're going to be uncomfortable and have to sell one of our eight houses." What a dilemma for our betters.

If we become the country that says, "let's let millions die so that a handful of rich men can keep their obscene piles of money intact," then we will stumble around without our souls forever.

I don't want anyone to die. If you gotta take my money to keep them alive, here you go.

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