Thursday, March 5, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Was a Threat to the Evil That Grips America

Today, Elizabeth Warren ends her presidential campaign.

It's like getting punched in the gut. It is the moment I was dreading and couldn't bring myself to face.

What Warren brought to the run for the White House was a reality that far too many Americans can't face, either. One, we are overdue for a woman to be president. Two, we need someone who can speak to the nexus of money, corruption, political power, and the destruction of the Middle Class. The people who have a death grip on this country's throat were actually terrified that she would win the presidency and unravel their Gordian knot of criminality. Wall Street was particularly in a shit-your-pants mode from the start.

Well, the bastards won.

Warren had plans, solutions, fixes, and explanations for every goddamned thing that's wrong with this country and her reward for it was a media-enabled racist nickname and being erased from polls, coverage and analysis. She was the smartest person running and the most capable.

To the Democratic Party primary voters who didn't understand what this fight was about, oh well. Don't let my disappointment ruin your smug moment of victory. You stopped another woman from being president. I hope we can keep her in the Senate. If I know Warren, she's already planning to pivot towards helping to send Mitch McConnell home to Kentucky for good.

The only word that works right now is 'ugh.'


  1. Beautifully well said and factually correct.
    Thank you for saying so well what her supporters are feeling today.

  2. I absolutely agree! This could not have been said more accurately and succinctly! My heart is heavy tonight and has been since the moment I heard this is a sad day for our country. Thankfully, we know this woman will PERSIST and we will be right there with her! Elizabeth didn't lose...we as a county lost....and we lost big.

  3. Thank you for this. I had great hopes for Elizabeth, but although she is no longer in the race, I pray that whoever wins the nomination will have Elizabeth as their running mate. She was everything I wanted in a President, and if she isn't made Veep, I pray she will be in the Cabinet. For now we must defeat Trump, who grows more ignorant and stupid by the day. HE IS the existential threat to America, and he must be voted OUT. I urge all Americans, especially Americans of color to make sure that they are still registered voters. We will NOT have this bastard steal the election again! God bless Elizabeth in all she does; I know this is not the end of her.