Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trumpism is a Toxic Stew of Hate

If there are still "normal" Republicans out there, don't worry. This is not an attempt to link you to the fascism and bigotry of Trumpism.

If the members of U.S. Men's Hockey Team from 1980 are of the belief that they can swim in the horrors of Trump's hatred and bigotry and then pretend to be innocent, well, this is an entirely different thing altogether.
If he had to do it again, hockey legend Mike Eruzione said, he would not put on the red “Keep America Great” hat. 
He and his teammates from the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey squad hadn’t meant to make a grand political statement when they appeared onstage as President Trump’s surprise guests at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Friday. They happened to be in town to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice” — their shocking upset of the Soviet Union en route to the gold medal, perhaps the most unifying moment in American sports history — when they got a call from Trump’s campaign inviting them to a private photo line with the president.

The next thing they knew, Eruzione said, Trump was introducing them at the rally and a campaign aide was handing them the caps as they took the stage. Four of the former players chose not to wear them — but 10 others did, prompting a huge backlash on social media from Trump’s critics, who view the distinctive red campaign hats as sharply politicized symbols of hate, racism and xenophobia.

“You going to light into me, too? We’re getting killed!” Eruzione said in an interview. Now serving as the director of special outreach at his alma mater, Boston University, Eruzione said he has received angry calls and messages from the school’s alumni. One said he purchased Eruzione’s new book about the 1980 team but no longer intends to read it. His Twitter mentions are a nightmare.
Eruzione's complaint that "we're getting killed" rings hollow in light of the fact that there are thousands and thousands of children who will never see their parents again because of Trump's racist policies. You can't expect consistency and integrity from anyone tainted by Trumpism. They worship the cult leader and they reap the sorrows of being associated with him because they haven't been paying attention.

It's like current events no longer matter. The electorate has been lulled to sleep. Decent people everywhere woke up years ago and have been steadily organizing themselves for the November election. Will enough people wake up in time?

The media would readily demonize anyone showing sympathy and allegiance for President Barack Obama or for Hillary Clinton. A parade of eager collaborators puts on the red hat and the media just shrugs. They're not the ones giving Eruzione and his team mates hell. That's what good Americans are up to this week.

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