Friday, January 3, 2020

Trump Will Burn it All to the Ground

It is difficult to see how the latest war in the Middle East will end. I don't have any answers, and, really, no one else does, either.

Here's what people should pay attention to--this happened just as evidence of Trump's orders to the Department of Defense landed on the front page. This happened after the major holidays and just as we are beginning the 2020 primary season in earnest on the Democratic side (the GOP has decided to prevent another Pat Buchanan moment, circa 1992, from happening).

Every life that is lost is because of Trump's decisions.

Every penny that this increases the price of gas is a tax on the poor and allows people who regularly have access to Trump to maximize their profits.

Every American traveling overseas is less safe.

Everyone who cares about peace will be shouted down and marginalized because that is the media's job.

Every attempt to hold Trump accountable will probably fail because the GOP is complicit in all of his crimes.

Everyone cheering this war is mindful of keeping their own son or daughter out of harm's way.

Every Democrat who tries to do the right thing will be attacked.

Every moment that we ignore the global climate crisis and engage in a war with Iran is a colossal waste of resources and energy.

Every day brings us closer to an opportunity to defeat Trump and take back our democracy.

How will you spend the year ahead?

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