Thursday, January 16, 2020

Trump Has Destroyed American Credibility

The Department of Defense lied to the American people about injuries suffered by troops stationed in Iraq. These troops were injured by Iranian surface to surface missiles fired in retaliation for Trump's decision to kill Iranian terror mastermind Soleimani.

There is another casualty here. There is no one in the United States government who can be trusted to tell the truth about anything.
The troops were medevaced this week to Germany and Kuwait to be treated for traumatic brain injury after experiencing concussion symptoms.
Nearly one dozen American troops were wounded in Iran’s Jan. 8 missile attack on Iraq’s al-Asad air base. This week, they were medically evacuated to U.S. military hospitals in Kuwait and Landstuhl, Germany, to be treated for traumatic brain injury and to undergo further evaluation, several U.S. defense and military officials have confirmed to Defense One.

Senior military and Trump administration officials had said on Jan. 8 that 11 Iranian missiles had caused “no casualties, no friendly casualties, whether they are U.S., coalition, contractor, et cetera.”

In the past week, news organizations that were granted access to the base to film the damage and interview military personnel have reported that no Americans were killed, wounded, or “seriously injured.” But the New York Times reported on Monday that some personnel had been treated for concussions.

In a Jan. 16 statement, a spokesman for the U.S. military command in Baghdad said, “As previously stated, while no U.S.service members were killed in the Jan. 8 Iranian attack on Al Asad Air base, several were treated for concussion symptoms from the blast and are still being assessed.”

Casualties are supposed to be dutifully reported and are sacrosanct. The families knew these troops were injured probably within minutes or hours of it actually happening. And yet, the DoD was under some sort of official pressure not to report the serious injuries of American troops. The instant ability for troops to communicate with their loved ones back home has been a feature of our wars in the Middle East and South Asia for decades. What's most important is that the families were not kept in the dark, likely because it would be impossible for that to happen.

The American people were lied to, however. That's the death of truth, the stripping away of credibility, and the removal of trust that is a direct result of trying to keep Trump from yelling at people who should really have the stones to tell him to go fuck himself. I have watched this play out and I have come to the conclusion that there are but a handful of patriots in this country. Everyone else is afraid of speaking truth to power, and is derelict in their duty to the country. There is no duty to Trump, no need to protect Trumpism from being exposed as the fascist ideology that it has become. There is just a terrified group of people who are afraid of losing their careers and their political viability because no one wants Trump to get on the phone and start yelling at generals and flunkies.

When an American service member is injured, the truth about what happened to them should be shared with great discretion, but without any censorship or lying about the extent of their injuries and how they were hurt. I cannot believe that I even have to write this down. It's shocking that protecting Trump's political ass from being humiliated has taken precedence over all else. But that's where we are, and it has to stop. It has to stop.

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  1. Trump and the republicans working for Putin must go. The current impeachment trial would allow a great opportunity to take the country away from the grifters, thieves and gangsters in the government, but Russia has bought the Republicans in congress to keep Trump in power. Not surprisingly, McConnell is the one who has gotten the most. If my memory serves me right, McConnell has gotten at least half a billion for his services, that's why he has refused to protect the country from Russian intervention in the next elections.