Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Impeach the Bum

Well, the hour approaches. A reluctant Democratic Party in the House is getting ready to impeach the worst president in American history. If there were even a shred of decency in the Republican Party, they would vote with the Democrats and make it unanimous.

Think of the impact it would have. Of course, there are a handful of batshit crazy cranks who wouldn't vote to impeach Trump. Those bastards need to be thrown out of office, too. Think of a GOP in the House that says, "yes, we will defend American democracy" and vote en masse to impeach Trump. Think of the psychological impact of 120 GOP votes from the House as the articles of impeachment land on Mitch McConnell's desk.

It wouldn't change the firewall in the Senate. There aren't even a dozen decent Republicans within a million miles of the place. They'll hold the line, and they'll maintain the status quo, which is sickening the entire country and introducing a poison into our collective bloodstream that will take generations to cure.

Impeach this goddamned bum. Impeach the living hell out of him. He has not one decent attribute, and it already planning his next series of crimes.

Impeach the bum.

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