Thursday, November 21, 2019

What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?

The impeachment hearings have revealed that a good number of these men will avoid speaking of what role they had to play and many will flush their culpability down the memory hole.

Our worthless media complex can’t quit these people. They’ll get work if they can figure out how to be good on TV. It’s a shame.

Watching the Republicans behave during these hearings has been an exercise in watching human beings deny the very facts that they are being presented. They are not being willfully ignorant. They are hearing facts and processing them in a way that turns them into soup when they come out as words. It’s despicable and ridiculous at the same time.

I thought that some of them would be swayed, but that hasn’t been the case. I thought that some of them would just disappear and refuse to participate in order to avoid having to engage with the evidence. But, no. They’ve been ducking out whenever possible, but, really, they just can’t admit that their side is on the side of the Russians and the criminals that Russia put in power in this country.

During the “war,” which is best understood to be an American Interregnum, wherein the country was in the hands of a kleptocracy run by a shit-stained, incompetent petty crook and his idiot kids, these men helped Russia destroy our democracy. They’ll find a way to explain it away, but they’ll never wash the stain from their hands. They’ll stumble through lives like pariahs and no decent person should ever associate with them ever again.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Gordon Sondland is a Lovable Goof

 Matt McClain Matt McClain

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland is the well-heeled donor that the Trump Regime deserves. I’ve never seen so many people who deserve to be destroyed with one another. 

You have the axis of evil in American politics and a fascist fanboy club that is bent on destroying our democracy on one hand and, on the other, you have a goofball who doesn’t understand anything about where he’s sitting or what he’s doing. They most certainly deserve to be lit on fire so that they can burn together in one massive dumpster fire, and this the thing thing that will purify this fetid, shitty swamp we now live in.

Sondland is so lovable and goofy that I think we’ll all have a good laugh when he ends up finding out his fate. Does he think he still has a job? Who would keep him in his job after today? Does he think he can smirk his way out of this?

The corruption turns out to be a feature, not a bug. The incompetence you get for free.

I’m listening to Representative Adam Schiff say, “they got caught.” This is the conventional wisdom of the moment. Sondland didn’t plead the fifth. He plead guilty before everyone.

He’s guilty. They’re all guilty. Jesus Christ, it’s all insane, and the entire narrative has been set ablaze. Only fools and Republican representatives would argue otherwise.

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Other Whistleblower Scandal

This is perfectly normal and an example of how we live now and yes, there’s more than one scandal to follow:

Two senators are looking into a whistleblower’s allegations that at least one political appointee at the Treasury Department may have tried to interfere with an audit of President Trump or Vice President Pence, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, a sign that lawmakers are moving to investigate the complaint lodged by a senior staffer at the Internal Revenue Service.

Staff members for Sens. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Wyden (Ore.), the chairman and ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, met with the IRS whistleblower earlier this month, those people said. Follow-up interviews are expected to further explore the whistleblower’s allegations.

It could not be learned to what extent the senators consider the whistleblower a credible source. Trump administration officials have previously played down the complaint’s significance and suggested that it is politically motivated.

The whistleblower, a career IRS official, initially filed a complaint in July, reporting that he was told that at least one Treasury political appointee attempted to improperly interfere with the annual audit of the president’s or vice president’s tax returns. In recent weeks, the whistleblower filed additional documentation related to the original complaint, which was given to congressional officials in July, the two people said. These people spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the complaint, which pertains to a confidential IRS audit that cannot be disclosed under federal law.

The contents of the additional information provided by the whistleblower were not known.

Everyone is paying attention to the Ukraine scandal, but maybe we should be paying attention to the IRS Audit scandal? Or the scandals that Robert Mueller uncovered? Or maybe the $50 million dollar scandal where Trump owes himself that much money through a phony LLC? Or the scandal where the Air Force has been forced to land their planes in Scotland so that Trump’s failing golf resort doesn’t collapse?

I don’t know anymore. If any Democrat ever had anywhere near this many scandals, the GOP would have burned the city of Washington DC to the ground impeaching that person a thousand times over.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Witness Intimidation in Real Time

I thought it would be useful to present the tweets in their proper order.

Are you tired of all of this winning yet?

Get Used to Days Like This

Hey, you mad, bro?

Roger Stone now has to wait for a president who, umm, can’t even pay his sub-contractors for a pardon. I suspect that pardon is already signed and ready to be dumped on Christmas morning, or something like that.

Stone has spent a lifetime avoiding consequences, and days like today, and it has now been brought to bear that he is a convicted felon. And a sack of human shit, too. Can’t forget that.

What this sad debacle tells me about our current politics is that if things are so bad that even Roger Stone can’t help but be convicted of felonies, then it has to be pretty bad for the Republicans. In past decades, Stone could operate with his usual alacrity and impunity and skirt the rules and get away with it. This time, his conduct was so desperate and egregious that he couldn’t escape accountability.

Isn’t the awful thing here the story of what brought us here? That the president was elected with the help of Russia is no longer an “opinion” or a “conspiracy theory.” It’s now established fact, and multiple individuals have been convicted of felonies related to the investigation of what happened. Stone was instrumental in the use of WikiLeaks as a weapon to defeat Hillary Clinton. The Russians used WikiLeaks as their cutout in this operation. We suspected these things in 2016. We cheered the investigation into those matters. And now, three years later, we are witnessing the country arrive at the fact that this really happened, the election was stolen, our democracy was subverted, and a shitty human being was at the heart of it, and now he faces prison.

Justice will not be served unless Stone is behind bars. He is a threat to this country.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Why Is This Man Screaming?

I haven’t written anything about the impeachment hearings, the latest outrage, or much of anything else because it is pretty evident to me that the establishment and the country as a whole are done with Trump. His presidency has failed, and his people are losing influence. He is operating in a very diminished capacity. It’s not 2017 anymore, and no one has to pretend that there are two sides anymore.

There’s the side of the rule of law, basic decency, human rights, and concern for the well being of the planet. And then there’s just this evil, deranged world view that operates out of Trump’s ass. It’s the side of dead-enders and people who know that, when Trump is thrown out of office, they’re never going to make an honest dollar in polite society anymore.

The conventional wisdom has decided to go against Trumpism, in other words, so you can follow this to a predictable conclusion. His side, the side of evil, will win some battles and do some awful shit to innocent human beings, and they’ll steal whatever they can before they leave. There will be pardons, there will be destroyed E-mail servers and wiped phones and shredders running morning, noon, and night. The end of Trump’s presidency will be an ugly affair, full of screaming and howling and white supremacy.

But, you know what? It doesn’t matter.

A Democrat will clean all of this up.

A Democrat will find the treasury empty and have to make do.

A Democrat will have to take the blame for everything that goes wrong.

A Democrat will serve eight years, God willing, and leave the country in better shape than they found it.

Life will go on. We need to vote like crazy in the primaries and in the general election. We need more Republicans to retire. We need to make a statement in November 2020. That statement should be a complete and utter rejection of Trump and a denunciation of all those who enabled him. They should be left dazed and blubbering, wondering what they’re going to do if they have to go home and make an honest living.

Everything we’re watching is just theatrics. Trump has impeached himself. He is a shabby man who wears bad suits and can’t find a moment of peace anywhere. He knows he has failed. Now is the time to grab that cash, motherfucker. Once your time is up, that’s it. The hellhound is going to come for you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Roger Stone Has Always Been a Criminal

One of the things you need to know about professional ratfucker Roger Stone is that he was ratfucking elections and doing this sort of thing long before anyone was ready for Trump to get elected president:

Federal prosecutors in Roger Stone's trial told jurors they plan to call several high-profile witnesses to the stand, including Steve Bannon, and revealed new details about Stone's contacts with Trump campaign officials before and after the release of stolen Democratic National Committee emails in 2016, including several phone calls Stone had with then-candidate Trump.

On the first day of arguments in his trial on charges of witness tampering and making false statements, prosecutors said the longtime political operative spoke to Mr. Trump six times over the course of several weeks in June and July 2016, including on the day the DNC announced it had been hacked. The U.S. intelligence community determined the theft was the work of a sophisticated campaign by Russian intelligence operatives to boost Mr. Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton.

Prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky said the government plans to call several high-profile witnesses over the course of the trial in U.S. District Court in Washington, including former Trump campaign chairman Steve Bannon, deputy chairman Rick Gates and radio personality Randy Credico. Bannon is among the senior campaign officials who communicated with Stone about the hacked Democratic emails, prosecutors said. According to Zelinsky, Stone emailed Bannon that he knew how to win the 2016 election, but it "ain't pretty."

Steve Bannon, a noted hobo and practitioner of horrible things, has zero credibility so I don’t know why they’re going to put him on the stand. Is he afraid of prison? Do they have his nuts in a vise?

Old Roger was the original GOP ratfucker when few, if any, Americans could fully appreciate the job description. He has always been about dirty tricks, questionable morals, and taking the heat off Republicans who would otherwise end up in oblivion if they got caught telling Roger how much they loved his “work.”

I am afraid that the ultimate goal is to throw sand in the gears and make a spectacle out of this trial so that Stone ends up creating a situation where there is either a mistrial or a hung jury or some despicable piece of drama that emerges from all of this and makes a mockery out of the law. He seems to have said too much in all of those E-mails and he seems to have forgotten to cover his ass before they caught him breaking the law to help Trump get elected.

Where’s Julian Assange, by the way? Oh, he’s pretending to be crazy.

If things go south on Roger, look for him to faint in court or pretend to suddenly be too mentally ill to proceed.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Mike Pompeo is a Liar

Whenever Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is confronted by a knowledgeable member of the press, he falls back on a signature move that is intended to intimidate and derail the person questioning him. This is his squinting dickhead face, and it isn’t going to save his ass:

Former senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Michael McKinley, directly contradicted public comments made by the top US diplomat when he testified under oath last month as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. 

McKinley, who resigned amid the Ukraine controversy, raised concerns about former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's removal, which was pushed by Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and has become a central part of the inquiry, according to a transcript of that testimony released Monday.

While Pompeo told ABC News last month that McKinley never raised the idea of issuing a statement of support for Yovonovitch, McKinley directly contradicted that statement while under oath, telling lawmakers he mentioned it on three separate occasions.

Specifically, McKinley who testified behind closed doors on October 16, said that he raised the Yovanovitch matter with Pompeo three times and proposed releasing a statement of support for the former diplomat, who was abruptly recalled from her post, but did not receive a response from the secretary of state, including when he told Pompeo he was leaving the department.

"I said: We've seen the situation that's developing outside. Wouldn't it be good to put out a statement on Yovanovitch? Since my impression is the Department, you know, at least tried to keep her in Ukraine. I had gotten that from the newspapers," McKinley said. "He listened. That was it. Sort of , 'Thank you.' That was the limit of the conversation."

McKinley told lawmakers that he raised the issue on two other occasions, including during a phone call to discuss his resignation.

"I spoke with the Secretary again when he called from Europe to discuss my resignation," McKinley said. "I was pretty direct. I said, 'You know, this situation isn't acceptable. We need to you know, I've already made my recommendation, but ... I am resigning.' And that was the conversation. Again, I didn't get a reaction on that point."

McKinley's testimony contradicts public comments that Pompeo made in an interview last month with ABC News after McKinley's testimony.

I love how they sugarcoat this. He was “contradicted.” No, he was full-blown caught in a massive lie. He is an inveterate liar. He knows he’s been caught. He knows he has no credibility. And yet, he wants the conservative movement that is clearly aligned behind Trump, and Trump only, to save his worthless career in government.

How do you feel sympathy for these people? They have been caught lying. The whole Ukraine thing has blown up in their faces. There are literally no options left. If there was an ounce of shame remaining, the entire Trump cabinet would have already resigned, en masse, in protest of this fiasco. And I still don’t understand why anyone would work for Trump. He will throw Pompeo under the bus if he thinks that will save him. Pompeo knows that Trump would sooner sell him out than help him fight for the collective good of the entire administration. He knows that Trump would just as soon destroy everyone else and leave them unemployable, broke, and incarcerated if he thought that it would buy him some time.

Hell, Trump would set all of them on fire just for the re-tweets.

They all know this! They know how this ends! They know that their own personal destruction is like a plaything in the hands of a screaming, diapered man-baby and yet they still persist in thinking that they’re smarter than the press, better than the Democrats, and that Trump is the right man to be president and lead the Republican Party.

It’s mind-boggling. Truly, it is a mystery as to why they insist on being destroyed. The only explanation is that the Kool-Aid tastes pretty good and that the Russians have something on them that is worse than the fate that awaits them.