Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trump is Extremely Unpopular Among Normal Adults

I was curious whether or not Trump was really unpopular with people or just artificially popular with Russian Twitter bots.
It turns out, Russian Twitter bots love Trump and the rest of America, not so much.
If you look at the last two presidents who failed to be re-elected and served only one term in office, Trump is less popular than both of them:

Throughout George H. W. Bush’s entire presidency, he was more popular than Trump has ever been, and even won an actual war. Bush was not as jarringly evil nor was he surrounded by an army of howling death monkeys as Trump. And, what’s more, the establishment loved the first Bush presidency. He failed to be re-elected (largely because of the economy), but what are you going to do when you have a patrician WASP who has no idea what’s happening?
Throughout Carter’s presidency, which was underwater as soon as Americans were taken hostage in Iran, there were far more days above a 50% approval rating than Trump ever will. And he failed to be re-elected as well. The conventional wisdom ended up being against both presidencies. The American people were simply not going to reward either performance with a second term. Generally, the voters let you stay in office eight years. It’s been well over a generation since a president has been kicked to the curb, and we are due. That’s the conventional wisdom I sense right now—this isn’t going to last, and I don’t know what people are freaking out about.
Trump is really unpopular with functioning adults. He will always have about 40% of the electorate locked up, and those people will never be reached. They’ll never admit they were wrong. They may stay home on election day, but there aren’t enough of them to keep Trump from being hurled into the face of the sun by an angry mob of women voters.

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