Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sounds Like Women Can't Do Anything Right

Sexist toad Jeffrey Goldberg put his foot in his mouth again today:

Despite enlisting the aid of his wife to help him avoid saying stupid shit about how bitches be crazy or untalented or whatever, he went ahead and let slip the fact that he believes otherwise. You see, as an editor, female writers are useless to him. I can count endless numbers of women who are widely read and incredibly talented on the Internet because I’ve been actively engaged and reading their work for years and years. They are never given the same chances or opportunities. Their voices need to be heard and their work deserves to be circulated, and not subject to hate or vitriol. We are literally starving ourselves of quality because we’re not taking assholes like Goldberg to task for their inability to promote a diversity of opinion that we really need right now.

Oh, and if fucking Chris Cillizza has a job, it means there is a highly capable woman out there who doesn’t have the same audience or reach who could do what he does a million times better. But, editors, man. They can’t find chicks who can write so what are ya gonna do? Cillizza is proof there is no meritocracy in the media.

Fucking idiots. We need different voices, or 2020 will be another shit sandwich of an election.

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