Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Fetish For the Toys of War

This is a photo, tweeted out by the White House, of an F-35 screaming overhead in the middle of the day. This was done to impress the leader of Poland, and look how proud these people are of America’s ability to sell planes to people who probably cannot afford them:

You’ll note that only Republicans are allowed to do these things. Only Trump can make these displays. We are so far away from normal or decent, I am starting to think it will be a permanent sideshow from now on. The country has become addicted to these ridiculous displays of warlike behavior. God help us if we ever find a need to make peace with someone.

This is undignified and unbecoming of a great nation, dedicated to maintaining stability around the world. No offense to the people of Poland, but you do not need these planes, nor can you afford their upkeep and their regular use. Are you prepared to get a mere 2,100 hours out of them? Is that the sort of bang for your buck you were expecting? Or is this just a boondoggle all the way around?

We are in full banana republic mode now. Again, if there is a God, we could use some help down here.

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