Monday, March 4, 2019

Welcome to the World of Jerome Corsi

Human garbage barge Jerome Corsi is really sorry he made up all of that bullshit he’s in danger of being sued for:

Hours after retracting an InfoWars article and apologizing to Seth Rich’s family for claiming the slain Democratic National Committee staffer and his brother leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election, far-right conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi said that he still believes the theft of the emails was an “inside job.”

After complaining that the House Judiciary Committee’s recent request for additional documents from more than 80 people related to the Russia probe was “harassment” on CNN late Monday, Corsi was asked by anchor Anderson Cooper about his tendency to peddle right-wing conspiracies, namely birtherism and 9/11 trutherism.

Larry Klayman, Corsi’s lawyer and fellow right-wing conspiracist, jumped in to defend his client’s repeated claims about former President Obama’s birth certificate.

“The birth certificate, there's been forensic analysis on that,” Klayman asserted. “He never said that Obama was born in another country. But the birth certificate appears to be fraudulent.”

Cooper noted that Klayman was obviously referring to former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s debunked ideas regarding the “forensic analysis,”prompting Klayman to state that he agreed with Arpaio before claiming the use of the word “African-American” in 1961 also served as evidence. The CNN anchor bluntly asked the attorney if he believed Obama was born in another country, resulting in Klayman getting extremely defensive.

“That's not what I said,” he exclaimed. “I said the birth certificate, there's forensic analysis and it's fraudulent. Don't beat up on my client because of that. That's inappropriate. Do some research.”

Corsi, meanwhile, said he doesn’t “readily” believe “government explanations” before adding that he wants to see the “official 1961 birth records from Kenya.” He also stated that those records would “settle it” and he’ll be happy to admit if he were wrong if he could just see them.

Oh, he sounds like he’s sorry.

Birtherism is racist. Let’s just get that out of the way.

If you believe that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, you’re a fucking racist. If you can’t believe we’re still debating this over two years after leaving office, you’re not alone. Trump basically got elected president because enough people believed he was right about Obama’s birth certificate (and, true to the era in which we now live in, of course he was wrong).

Everything Anderson Cooper had on his show tonight elevated Corsi in the eyes of his followers. CNN basically allowed one of the staples of white supremacy to run wild on prime time again. Hey, thanks again, working media. You continue to destroy all faith in humanity. You spread filth and garbage and act all innocent and wide-eyed when you get called on it.

Fucking hell. What kind of world is this?

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