Saturday, March 23, 2019

Was Robert Mueller Ordered to End His Investigation?

Allow me to add to the less than helpful speculation that we have been subjected to for the last 24 hours.

Everything I’m seeing indicates that Robert Mueller has closed up shop in an abrupt manner, with cases still pending, matters still undecided, and decisions left unmade. That would mean that someone ordered the investigation to end quietly without concluding all of the matters that were still within Mueller’s purview.

And that’s fine—the law allows this. The Republicans can fire Mueller and pretend they’re innocent, but the material is still there. The things Mueller uncovered are protected. As much as Devin Nunes wants to waltz in and start feeding things into a shredder, that’s not going to happen. You don’t hire William Barr unless there’s a criminal establishment that needs protecting.

I’ve said numerous times that Mueller can’t save us. We have to save ourselves. We need to find a viable candidate for president, find great people to run for the Senate, and find the people who can win at every level below that. We have to vote Democratic and we have to throw each and every Republican out of office in order to get our country back.

Until someone knows something, they don’t know nothing. But if Trump were innocent, he would have told us that by now.

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