Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Law and Order Party

Pukes like Matt Gaetz serve in Congress because the Republican Party is now a lawless entity, unmoored to community, civic duty, and decency. Whatever craven thing Trump wants to pillage or fuck in public, the GOP is all for it so long as there’s a reach around for the trash serving in the House.

Gaetz would, in any other era, be forced to resign for what he tweeted out today. If he was a Democrat, he’d be Public Enemy Number One, as witnessed by any of a number of faux controversies regarding the women who serve in the House who have experienced their own media-induced outrage scandals.

Tell me how anything they’ve done holds a candle to outright witness tampering and intimidation of a witness before Congress. Tell me we’re in anything other than nightmare right now.

The law means nothing to Republicans.


The law is simply a thing that keeps Trump from doing what they want him to do.

They ignore it, they abuse it, they mess with it, and they trample on it because they never, ever believed in the idea of America to begin with.

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