Friday, January 11, 2019

This Dumbassery Will Not Stand

In a word, yes.

Yes, we are ready for President Kamala Harris (or any Democratic candidate who wins the nomination).

We’re more than ready for a woman to be president.

We’re ready for a woman of color to be president, too.

We’re ready for change.

We’re ready for normalcy, and a return to norms as understood in this country until Trumpism became a contagion that has eaten away at the body politic.

We’re just fucking ready, man.

We’re ready to do something about climate change because, guess what? We were already doing something about it under Obama and the GOP undermined those efforts.

We’re ready for Trump to be driven from office.

We’re ready to throw Republicans out of office.

My good God - we’re more than ready for this to happen.

Sorry, what was your question? Are you ready for President Kamala Harris to declare a national emergency to fight climate change?


Now, go away, dummy. Your dumbassery is played out.

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