Thursday, January 10, 2019

Incompetence and Failure

Lindsey Graham is a bootlicker and a fool:

South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham issued a statement Thursday calling for President Donald Trump to invoke national emergency powers to fund his border wall. 

"Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi's refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier -- even if the government were to be reopened -- virtually ends the congressional path to funding for a border wall/barrier," Graham said in a statement. "It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier."

The statement from the key Trump ally came shortly after Graham said efforts to forge a deal with congressional Democrats had fallen flat. 

GOP senators gathered in Graham's office a day prior to discuss a deal that would bring an end to the ongoing government shutdown while securing money for Trump's proposed border with Mexico.

Trump has repeatedly floated funding his wall by declaring a national emergency. On Thursday, he reaffirmed his position a day after walking out on Democrats at a White House meeting to resolve their impasse over his wall.

How did Graham end up being anything of a “leader” in the Republican Party? He is a rudderless failure whose sole contribution to the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body was to be at John McCain’s side through years and years of failure and regret with regards to foreign policy. There are brown people all over the world who would have been bombed back to the Stone Age if anyone had ever paid attention to Graham.

Why is the media even carrying his statements as news? I think it is safe to say, guys—you can ignore this guy. Nobody is making any decisions based on what Lindsey Effing Graham has to say.

We are so poorly led right now it isn’t even funny. It’s inappropriate to joke about what a unmitigated disaster this presidency has been for American democracy. Graham is leading the way, right into the gutter, and past that into the sewer, and once he reaches bottom, he’ll flick his tongue and do his best impression of a weasel trying to get under the frost line.

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