Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The National Debt

After we throw the Republicans out of office in November, here’s what I know will happen.

The issue of the national debt will return as a “major issue.”

Republicans will use it to hamstring any effort by Democrats to reach out to working people and help their communities. It will be used to justify massive cuts in entitlement programs, which Democrats will have to expend vital political capital in order to defend.

Instead of programs to combat opioid addiction, Democrats will have to fight for every penny just to keep the government open. Instead of expanding the ability of the IRS to go after tax cheats, which Republicans have gutted, they’ll have to fight just to keep the government open. Instead of jobs programs, Democrats will have to fight just to maintain the amount of money we spend on things like food stamps and basic services for the poor.

A new, charismatic Republican will appear, one with perfect hair, and he or she will be a “serious policy wonk” with “fresh ideas” about how to save America from its own debt. That person will, of course, be another charlatan. The media will be enthralled by this person, and, out of nowhere, you’ll see puff pieces appear on a regular basis that are designed to blow up this person’s appeal to young people.

The next president, who will surely be a female Democrat, won’t have a nickel that she can spend on a goddamned thing because Republicans are giving away everything to the rich, including their own presidential crime family.

The national debt matters when Democrats are in charge. Otherwise, it’s just statistics.

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