Thursday, October 4, 2018

No Corroboration

What a crock of shit:

The White House has found no corroboration of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after examining interview reports from the FBI’s latest probe into the judge’s background, according to people familiar with the matter.

It was unclear whether the White House, which for weeks has raised doubts about the allegations, had completed its review of the FBI interview reports. Officials were expected to be sending the FBI report to the Senate Judiciary Committee late Wednesday.

Still, the White House’s conclusions from the report means little at this point in the confirmation process. Senators who will decide Mr. Kavanaugh’s fate are set to review the findings on Thursday, and some of them may draw different conclusions.

The Wall Street Journal headline says Kavanaugh didn’t do all of that shit that he actually did, and the implication here is that he will be confirmed on Friday because he’s been wrongly accused. This, of course, is the lie that they’re telling you.

Everyone knows he was a drunken jackass. The evidence of that is everywhere, and everyone knows he does not have the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court.

This is the apex of the gaslighting of America. All of that evidence? The FBI didn’t talk to all the people who were frantically trying to tell their story because they were ordered not to. And when Trump was confronted by this, he lied, unreservedly, like he always does. So what about all of the facts that were never gathered, all of the information that will never be presented? None of that exists. There are no facts anymore. The truth is whatever someone holding power says it is now. The healthy skepticism of the American people has been replaced by a fear of not conforming to what the tribe in power says is true. The spirit and the character of an America that used to question authority, believe the press, and judge people by their true character has been assassinated by some idiots who know how to work bots on social media.

We are so well and truly fucked we don’t even know what to believe anymore.

The Republicans know what they’re doing and they know this is their last gasp. This is the last thing they’ll do—pack the Supreme Court with a fifth conservative vote that will be held by an unstable, overly emotional partisan with an axe to grind.

They just don’t care, and they know this is the end of the road for them for several generations. What happens next is up to you. Are you going to vote? Of course you are. Are you going to resist? Yes. Are you going to forget what was done?


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