Tuesday, September 4, 2018

White Power Signs Just Happen to Appear Around Trump Supporters

A woman named Zina Bash sat behind Brett Kavanaugh today and made what appears to be a "White Power" hand gesture.

First of all, I don't think it was a hoax. How could anyone be this deliberately obtuse and have no self-awareness in a public setting? 

Second of all, I think it was done to get a rise out of people, specifically lame-assed bloggers like myself.

And, third, these are some horrible fucking people doing the same exact thing and none of this shit is happening by accident:

Whenever you see supporters of Donald Trump throwing the "OK" sign, they know that it will be interpreted as a White Power hand gesture. They laugh about it! They think they're clever. That's how we live our lives now--it's okay to be a white supremacist so long as you're trolling liberals and riding on the Trump Train.

Bash was not "resting her hand" in a random manner. She was throwing this sign out to the people who are going to know what it means.

This is not being done innocently. It's deliberate, and we all know it is used to motivate the sickening faction that wants this country to reject decency, and it's done for one reason, and one reason only--to encourage support for a political ideology that is based on white supremacy. This is done to rally the base of the Trump Party. It's the base they think they can count on when everything turns to shit on a daily basis. 

You know, these ridiculous shitbags:


Fuck those guys. Half of them don't even have jobs anymore.

And why is being done? It's being done so that we'll all pay attention to it instead of the fact that Kavanaugh shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court because he will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, he'll defend corporate interests, and he'll protect Trump from prosecution.

Look, there's even a fellow who can say, unequivocally, that Zina Bash couldn't possibly be a supporter of white supremacy:

Oh, isn't that nice? She has a friend who can vouch for her. Well, it's all good then, right?


You're all still horrible fucking people.

Video playback shows an even more damning sequence of events, painting a pretty disgusting story. Watch as Bash receives a text on her phone, reads it, smirks a little, then folds her arms and places her fingers very deliberately into that white supremacist signal. Her head stays still, but she smiles a little, and her eyes dart around clearly looking to see if cameras can see her, or if people notice. 

This is even more despicable for having taken place while Diane Feinstein, highest ranking Senator on the committee, and Jewish, was speaking. Those white supremacists sure are subtle, aren't they?

Yes, they are.

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