Thursday, September 6, 2018

Senator Elizabeth Warren Went There

This is the most powerful and necessary statement against Donald Trump so far:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, seizing on an explosive op-ed from an anonymous administration official, said Thursday that it's time to use constitutional powers to remove President Donald Trump office if top officials don't think he can do the job.

"If senior administration officials think the President of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment," Warren told CNN. "The Constitution provides for a procedure whenever the Vice President and senior officials think the President can't do his job. It does not provide that senior officials go around the President -- take documents off his desk, write anonymous op-eds ... Everyone of these officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It's time for them to do their job."

They are not going to do their job. They are going to cut and run. They are afraid of losing access, power, and influence because their personal fortunes mean more than anything in the world. They don't care about the future, they don't care about the country, and they don't care about their own fucking children. They care about money, and going against Trump is the one existential threat they cannot stomach. The sickening rot of money has infested everything in Washington D.C. It's time to move against all monied interests everywhere and restore the Goddamned republic or everything will be lost.

All around us are cowards, except for Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. 

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