Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Special Counsel and the NRA

Analysts believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has a treasure trove of NRA documents, and that his office is following the money:

For months, the National Rifle Association has had a stock answer to queries about an investigation into whether Russian money was funneled to the gun rights group to aid Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The NRA, which spent $30 million-plus backing Trump's bid, has heard nothing from the FBI or any other law enforcement agency, spokesman Andrew Arulanandam reiterated in an email the other day.

Legal experts, though, say there's an easy explanation for that. They say it would be routine for Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators, who are looking at the NRA's funding as part of a broader inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, to secretly gain access to the NRA's tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service.

On the returns, the group was required to identify its so-called "dark money" donors - companies and wealthy individuals who financed $21 million of the group's publicly disclosed pro-Trump spending, as well as its multimillion-dollar efforts to heighten voter turnout. The NRA's nonprofit status allows it to shield those donors' names from the public, but not the IRS.

A central question for Mueller's office is whether any of the confidential donors' names hold clues that could enable investigators to trace a donation camouflaged to hide its Russian origins - such as a shell company that might be the end point in a chain of offshore transactions.

It is illegal for foreign funds to be spent to influence U.S. elections.

The Russian at the center of this inquiry is Alexander Torshin, and they're trying to figure out how so much Russian money he controlled ended up in the hands of Trump-supporting organizations like the NRA. I can't believe there's just one super-evil pro-Trump advocacy group out there. Behind the scenes, there were probably dozens more that desperately reached out for foreign cash, and not just from Russia. We know that, as far as Michael Flynn is concerned, Turkish money was just as easy to get and just as illegal to use to influence an election. If they didn't get their money from Russia or Turkey, they probably got it from the Mercer family or some other right-wing family in this country looking to skirt the spending limits.

Let's state the obvious. No one decent would ever give Trump money without expecting services rendered in return. With so much blatant corruption being done right in front of everyone, how is it that these people aren't in prison already? 


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