Saturday, July 7, 2018


Beto O'Rourke is the hardest working politician in America, and he has the crowds to prove it.

The picture above is from a rally held today in Farmers Branch, Texas. These folks came out on a Saturday afternoon to hear a Democrat's pitch for a Senate seat.


Here you have a politician who is working hard, putting in the long hours, and he's already visited every county in Texas. His message must be popular because people are flocking to his events and sending him money. Who cares about Trump-lover Ted Cruz? He and his Goldman Sachs money can go pound sand.

This was not a one-time visit for Beto. He was in Farmers Branch this past January, and it's hard to estimate, but I would guess that his turnout today (top) is double that or better than it was in January (below). 

Every time I hear how difficult it is for a Democrat to win in Texas, I ask myself why that is. The answer seems to be, "nobody votes." It's a non-voting state. Democrats can win in Texas despite Gerrymandering and and that dreaded old enemy of getting things done, apathy. But they have to get out there and do the hard work of ensuring they have registered to vote and then they have to make the commitment, otherwise all of this is for nothing.

Republican policies are deeply unpopular. Democratic ideas are gaining momentum. The media won't say it, but that's how things are shaping up for the election.

Does any of this look like apathy to you? Beto is doing the work. Everyone else has to pitch in and do their part this November. If the crowds are this big now, how can he lose?

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