Monday, May 21, 2018

Trump is Out of Control As Usual

If only there was some sort of Constitutionally-mandated check on the powers of the president, right? You know, like a Congressional leadership team that was willing to risk the wrath of the president and his rabid base of screaming trolls and check his ability to order the Justice Department to attack his enemies, both real and perceived:

President Trump on Sunday demanded that the Justice Department investigate whether the department or the F.B.I. “infiltrated or surveilled” his campaign at the behest of the Obama administration, following through on his frequent threats to intervene in the special counsel inquiry as he targets those he views as political enemies.

Mr. Trump made the order on Twitter during a day of public venting about the special counsel investigation, which he charged had turned up no evidence of collusion with Russia and was now casting a worldwide net so that it could harm Republicans’ chances in midterm congressional elections this fall.

But in ordering up a new inquiry, Mr. Trump went beyond his usual tactics of suggesting wrongdoing and political bias by those investigating him, and crossed over into applying overt presidential pressure on the Justice Department to do his bidding, an extraordinary realm where past presidents have hesitated to tread.

All of this is, of course, insane, but this is how we live now.

This is the thing that might force Trump to fire Jeff Sessions. Of course, we've been down this road before. Having Trump come unhinged and emit his primal scream over social media is not new, nor is it normal or reasonable. It's just how things are, and it should focus people on the next election day.

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