Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump Has Always Been a Liar

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States never had an ounce of credibility before Russia helped him steal the job he pretends to hold right now:

On Thursday the Trump administration held a "background briefing" where a "senior White House official" provided information to reporters from The New York Times, CNN and lots of other news outlets.

On Saturday, President Trump claimed the aide "doesn't exist." 

It's a flagrant example of Trump's problem with the truth. 

The president frequently claims, without evidence, that journalists make up sources. This is widely recognized to be a fib at best and a lie at worst. 

He said it again in a tweet against The Times on Saturday: "Use real people, not phony sources." 

But members of the White House press corps quickly pointed out that the unnamed "official" met with a roomful of reporters. Trump's claim was easily proven false.

"Easily proven false" doesn't mean anything.

Trump is a fucking liar. End of story. Stop pretending he has a "problem with the truth." He lies when he opens his mouth. He lies constantly. He has no acquaintance with the truth. He never had any credibility and this is who we found out he was long before he ran for president.

The press wants access to Trump without consequences; when you see an exchange like this, it proves my point--the working media is incapable of calling Trump a liar because they know that they will be banished:

Chrissy Teigen gets it, too:

The working press in this country is useless. He's a liar. He's the scummiest liar, ever. He's a bald-faced, truth-averse, lying sack of shit. That's all anyone needs to say about him.

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