Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trump Does Away With the National Cybersecurity Coordinator

Thanks in large part to the machinations of John Bolton, who is able to manipulate Trump to do whatever he wants, this entire country is without a National Cybersecurity Coordinator:

President Donald Trump eliminated the job of the nation's cybersecurity czar on Tuesday, and Democratic lawmakers immediately introduced legislation to restore it.

Trump signed an executive order rearranging the federal information technology infrastructure that includes no mention of the White House cybersecurity coordinator or of a replacement for Rob Joyce, who said last month that he is leaving the position to return to the National Security Agency, where he previously directed cyber-defense programs.

"Today's actions continue an effort to empower National Security Council senior directors," the National Security Council said in a statement, according to Reuters. "Streamlining management will improve efficiency, reduce bureaucracy and increase accountability."

Politico first reported the elimination of the job on Tuesday. The White House and the National Security Council didn't reply to requests for comment about the decision, which came on the same day a major computer security report again found government systems to be the least secure among all industries.

John Bolton, Trump's new national security adviser, has widely been reported to have sought to eliminate the job as part of a top-to-bottom reorganization of the National Security Council. Joyce and his predecessors reported to the president; the senior NSC directors report to Bolton.

Yeah, no big whoop. The man who couldn't get a job in a normal Republican administration is running wild through Trump's ramshackle criminal regime, eliminating positions he doesn't control and leaving the country's infrastructure open for attack. How much Russian money did it take for this to happen? Just curious.


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