Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Alone Can Fix It

This comes with the taint of Maggie Haberman on it, so make of it what you will:

President Trump once said “I alone can fix it.” Looks like he may have to. No one else seems to be sticking around.

The record-high turnover at the White House has now reached 43 percent with the pending departure of Gary D. Cohn, the national economic adviser, as the team that arrived with Mr. Trump 13 months ago heads for the doors in increasing numbers and the president increasingly relies on his own judgment for key decisions.

The head-spinning pace of departures has contributed to the sense of disarray in the West Wing, but it reflects the way Mr. Trump has operated since he announced that he was running for president. He constantly searches for new voices, but burns through staff as he quickly loses faith in the people around him, leaving him with a dearth of advisers on whom he genuinely depends. In effect, it can feel like a presidency of one.

The turnover is a ever-present sign that this is a White House that went off the rails on day one. It's a screaming, bloody shit show. It's proof that no Republican in the House or Senate has any credibility left when it comes to governing this country--we do not need to listen to them anymore.

If, for some reason, you hear a GOP politician currently in office say something in the future about the need to maintain the dignity of the presidency, the necessity of bi-partisanship, or the responsibility of robust and effective oversight and compliance, you can laugh in their face and ignore them because none of those things currently apply to Trump. The standards for governing this country have never been lower.

What an article like this screams out to me is that there shouldn't be anyone working for Trump willing to talk to Haberman or Peter Baker. Why is there anyone still working for Trump who is so far out of control that they are willing to risk being fired for leaking negative news stories exactly like this one? Why isn't there a wall around the place, one bigger than usual? Why are multiple Trump officials talking to two reporters at the New York Times about how bad things are inside the White House? Who exactly are these people and why are they willing to do this, day in and day out? 

Remember when Reince Priebus left? That was supposed to put an end to stories critical of Trump's governing style. And yet, Haberman and Baker, and a whole host of other national political reporters, are being fed leak after leak that is full of critical and damaging information. It's insane.

The real history of Trump's ascent to power should come with an index of who leaked which stories to whom. It would be a public service to know exactly who is talking to reporters about this stuff.

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