Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How Does This Happen?

Apparently, nobody working for Trump can get a damned security clearance:

More than 130 political appointees working in the Executive Office of the President did not have permanent security clearances as of November 2017, including the president’s daughter, son-in-law and his top legal counsel, according to internal White House documents obtained by NBC News. 

Of those appointees working with interim clearances, 47 of them are in positions that report directly to President Donald Trump. About a quarter of all political appointees in the executive office are working with some form of interim security clearance. 

White House officials said Wednesday they would not comment, as is their policy, on the nature of security clearances. CNN also reported on the clearances earlier Wednesday evening. It is unclear whether some employees have had their clearance levels changed since mid-November.

That's a huge number, especially when you consider that many of those people survived the horrible purge of Trump appointees that would otherwise be known as the year 2017. It is a long process, and much of it is broken and archaic, but you would think that all of these people--many of whom get to read the Goddamned Presidential Daily Briefing--would be able to get a permanent security clearance.

The Republican Party now has zero credibility when it comes to national security, guarding our country's secrets, and putting the right people in charge. I don't ever want to be lectured again about anything regarding the defense of this nation by these people. With this very deliberate act of gross negligence and incompetence, American lives are being put in danger. 

The GOP controlled Congress should start holding hearings tomorrow and anyone who can't get a permanent security clearance needs to be frog-marched out of the White House before noon tomorrow.

You couldn't make this up if you tried, and no one would believe it if you did.

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