Friday, February 16, 2018

Fourteen Minutes

Trump spent exactly fourteen minutes consoling the families tonight:

From 6:55 PM to 7:09 PM, what exactly did he do? He went to Broward Health North Hospital to console the victims of Thursday's shooting in Parkland, Florida. It's entirely possible that not all of the victims are being treated at this hospital, but it is absolutely stunning to me that he spent fourteen minutes with the victims, a minute with the media, and was on his way out of there in exactly twenty minutes:

I'm just floored by this. There was no attempt to drag this out and make it actually look kind or caring. There was no attempt to make it seem like the President of the United States was willing to invest his time and energy in trying to comfort the victims. He was in and out of there in less time that it takes to get a stack of pancakes at IHOP.

Apparently, no one is buying what he has to sell in Florida.

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