Monday, October 9, 2017

Who Is Going to Support Senator Bob Corker?

Over the weekend, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee made the most remarkable accusations and statements about the Trump White House. Likening it to an "adult day care center," he has made it clear that there is a dividing line between himself and the rest of the Republican Party. Who will support him, who will join him, and who else feels this way?

Reporters need to find out:

For reporters, there is a logical extension from the opening Corker has given. Get Mitch McConnell, get Paul Ryan, get John Thune and John Barrasso and John Cornyn, get Kevin McCarthy, get every Republican in a position of responsibility to answer: Do you agree with your colleague that Donald Trump is a danger to the country and the world? Who’s right here: Your comrade who is the veteran chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee? Or a president who can’t stop tweet-threatening “Little Rocket Man”? And what about Corker’s claim that the White House is a daily battleground to keep the incumbent under control? Are you going to call one of your own a liar? Or is he right about Trump?

They won’t answer. Knowing how not to answer comes as second nature. More smoothly than Rex Tillerson, they will decline to get into the “silly stuff.” But they should be put on the spot and made to take a stand. Especially the ones who will either face the voters soon—or who are deciding, as Corker did recently, whether that’s even worth it.

(To be clear: every reporter already knows this, and overall the resilience of the press is one of the heartening aspects of this disheartening era.  I’m just spelling out what to look for as day breaks and senators get within reporters’ range.)

Every reporter needs to get to work today.

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