Tuesday, October 24, 2017

This is a Racist Attack on Decent Americans

I have lost all of my patience with the media this week. Instead of numerous posts that I wanted to write, I held off because of my disgust.

Look, it's simple.

A solder died in Niger along with three comrades. They all deserve equal appreciation for their sacrifice. The wounded deserve that as well. Days and days went by after they were killed in action. The President of the United States called up the family and didn't bother trying to offer them anything resembling condolences. When confronted and attacked by a grieving widow and the mother of the soldier and a sitting member of Congress, he lashed out and sent Chief of Staff John Kelly out in front of reporters to minimize the damage. Days and days go by. The Chief of Staff is proven to have lied about a public statement by a member of Congress. That should have been an immediate firing offense. The president lied about what he said to the widow and her family. The White House circled the wagons and told the press that they were wrong for questioning a general. What has been unleashed here is the single worst shit-show in a parade of endless shit-shows that have been going on since Trump rode down the escalator. This is not America, This is an atrocity happening in the midst of hundreds of other atrocities. And at the heart of this is a mother with no son, a wife without a husband, kids without a dad, and a real live sitting Congresswoman who is getting death threats.

Now imagine everyone in this scenario is white. 

The American media is allowing Trump to smear these people because of race.

The American media is not calling him on it because they're afraid of the backlash. Up to this point, Trump has beaten them down by expressing openly racist opinions that are then backed up by a howling mob full of braying jackals that these companies are not able to comprehend or defend themselves against. They're fighting with dial-up AOL tactics in a world of broadband fiber access. They'd better get in this game, and inform the American people, or the only thing left for all of us will be flickering lights on the back wall of a rapidly collapsing cave full of irradiated roaches.

The American media is accepting of this because the soldier, his widow, his mother, and his member of Congress are all African-American women. This is one of the groups Trump is allowed to attack, and to smear, and to denigrate. This does not hurt him with his reprehensible, racist fucking base. This does not cause anyone concern because in America, circa 2017, you can lie about what African-American women say and do. You can insult their appearance and the way they talk. You can be racist as hell because we have allowed that to be our new normal. 

To be sure, Trump can smear and attack anyone. They don't have to be African-American. They can be Hispanic, they can be Asian, they can be from anywhere. They can even be white people if they are liberal or if they are known to be "sell-outs" to the white cause. Trump can attack everyone except for Nazis and Vladimir Goddamned Putin. 

We are so far into this story, it isn't even remotely possible to see a silver lining of any kind. It is a dark and horrible chapter of American history. Soldiers have died on foreign soil in combat. They are now being used as political weapons, just like their brothers from Benghazi were used. The bodies stack up, the justification is there to make political hay out of what happened to them, and the indecency continues. 

Let's do two things. One, impeach that motherfucker now. Let's impeach Mike Pence after he names Hillary Clinton his Vice President. And then, let's declare a moratorium on using dead Americans as political cudgels.

Two, remove this racist bullshit from American political life forever. If you're a racist, you're not fit to serve in any capacity anywhere. You can be racist all you want, but you're not allowed to be a Senator or a Governor or a President or anything like that. You're allowed to have your opinion and what's left of your unemployment check until you decide to stop acting like an asshole in public.

I'd call all of that a good start.



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