Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How the Media Lets Republicans Avoid Accountability

This is a classic example of the double standard at work when it comes to the media, both political parties, and controversy.

“Senate Republicans avoided weighing in on the fiery fracas between President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), and aides and allies of those lawmakers privately worried that a prolonged fight would hurt the GOP’s already threatened legislative priorities,” the Washington Post reports.

“Those who did speak did so obliquely — by praising Corker generally but steering clear of inserting themselves directly into the brutal clash.”

“The reaction highlighted the broader strategy Capitol Hill Republicans have adopted when it comes to the president’s tendency to wage rhetorical war against their own or incite other controversies: Don’t engage in public no matter how anxious they may be in private.”

First and foremost, if you have ANY reservations at all, you bring impeachment charges. Full stop on that. If it's true that a majority of Republicans in Congress think the president is unstable or unsuited to the job, then why the hell haven't they done their job? They were sworn in with their hand on a Bible, and their job is to take care of the Constitution. Impeach Trump or get the hell out of Dodge.

Beyond this, I have a real pet peeve here. All I've heard for the last few days is how "the Democrats have a Harvey Weinstein problem."

No, they fucking don't.

Every Democrat is being asked if they took money from Weinstein. Oh, did you hear? The Clintons and Obamas haven't said a word. Then there's all that money. Well, I never. The media is full of phony outrage over everything the Clintons do. From now on, the Obamas will be caught up in this as well. It's just lazy reporting.

Okay, now keep that in mind for the next few years. Never mind that Harvey Fucking Weinstein has been a known asshole, and a toxic individual, for as long as he's been in the film business. Anyone who says they didn't know that--ahem, Miss Meryl Streep--is a fucking liar. Emma Thompson threatened to quit the film she was on when Weinstein called Hayley Atwell a fat pig. Do you really think all of the actors and actresses who have worked with Thompson and Atwell didn't already know he was a pig? Do you think all of these people who thrive on insider information and gossip aren't completely and utterly aware at all times of who's a writhing ball of skank juice and who's decent to work for? 

And, if the beautiful, famous people knew that he was an awful human being, don't you think all of the Democrats knew that as well? Let's be grown up here. Even if you knew Weinstein was a shambling bag of rancid meat, you're going to take his money because there are a thousand people on the GOP side with more money than Weinstein who are bankrolling your opponent in every race. If you applied the same standards to both parties, you'd come away with the sense that, hey, maybe there's too much money in politics right now, Goddamn.

Plenty of media personalities, going all the way back to the late David Carr, knew exactly what Weinstein was. Weinstein had the power to keep them all at bay. When that dam broke, they went for his jugular. Sucks to be you, Harvey. Next time don't rape so many women and pay them off, you fucking fuck.

The Democrats have to take money from unsavory people just like the Republicans have to take it. They have to or they won't be able to win races. Life is not a test of who's pure, it's a test of who can skirt these treacherous waters and stay out of legal trouble and political annihilation. So, of course they took his money. That's how you win elections. Before anyone starts screaming about Bernie Sanders, show me his tax returns and his financial disclosure paperwork. Oh, you can't? Then shut the fuck up. The only thing standing between us and oblivion is the Democratic Party. Assess your penalties for being impure later. We have a country to save. 

If the only money anyone was ever allowed to take came from only the saints of the world. no one would be able to take a dime. This is, of course, applied as a standard only to Democrats. No one in their right mind would criticize a Republican for taking Sheldon Adelson's fucking money.

And that's where the media's double standard comes into play. They'll let Republicans avoid talking about Trump. They'll "ask" their questions, but they won't hound them like they are every living Democrat about Weinstein. They'll dutifully report that the Daddy party is entitled to avoiding the subject of Trump being a invalid adult in need of Bob Corker's special happy fun time jamboree of a day care center. They won't even bother bringing it up to, oh, say, Senator John McCain, who is the de facto leader of the media-friendly wing of the sorta-anti-Trump GOP. Stupid fucks like Chris Cillizza have to make a living, ya know.

They're "sorta" opposed to Trump despite the fact that they vote for his agenda almost every time they have a chance. Come talk to me when twenty-five Republican Senators and fifty Representatives are voting against his tax plan or anything else. A handful here and there, meh.

The media won't bite them in the ass for this. They'll let them off the hook. Only Democrats are supposed to be nagged for every little thing, you see. It would be shrill and uncouth to expect a Republican skipping town a day early to share his opinion on the Toddler-in-Chief.

UPDATE: Yeah, I'm not buying George Clooney's non-denial here, either. It boils down to: "Yes, Harvey was a terrible human being who fucked young girls and did horrible things, but I never thought he'd actually do the really sick shit that he was certainly capable of doing, by golly." I can't fault Clooney for trying to land a job. I can't fault any of them for wanting to work. This is the reality of living in the modern world--you have to put up with the worst people imaginable to win elections, compete for things, or score a starring role in something.  No, the issue here is, don't pretend you didn't know. You knew. You danced the dance. Own it and move on.

I do think we need to dispense with this nonsense. Weinstein is who everyone thought he was. Enough said.

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