Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This is How a Red State Turns Blue

Some states will never vote for a Democrat. This is just how it is. But, in the case of Montana, how long can Republican financial mismanagement continue? How long before people get tired of having the state run out of money and say, aw, to hell with it, let's give the Democrats a try?

Montana's worst fire season in years is expected to scorch the drought-stricken landscape well into fall, long after the state's firefighting reserves run out thanks to politicians diverting millions of dollars to fill a budget shortfall.

There is only $12 million left of the $63 million in the firefighting fund in June, and the state is burning through that at a rate of $1.5 million a day, state Department of Natural Resources and Conservation director John Tubbs said Tuesday.

"We will use up the remaining balance in fairly short order," he said.

The state's financial worries come as forecasters for the National Interagency Fire Center predict that eastern Montana, southern California and the western Dakotas could be exposed to major wildfire threats into October or November.

Montana, like a lot of states right now, is firmly in the hands of the Republican Party, and that means nobody really wants to raise taxes and pay for things like preventing wildfires. At some point, the modern Democratic Party has to start making the case that, if you want to have the critical services that will increase quality of life, you have to pay for them and hire competent people to run things. 

The thing is, Republicans rarely pay the price for shitty governance.

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