Friday, August 11, 2017

The Onion is Hard to Read in the Age of Trump

On the weekends, the news gets repetitive and stale. I get that reporters and pundits have to recharge their batteries, especially in the summertime, but by Sunday morning, there's nothing to read. I started thinking about sites I used to look at all of the time, like:

  • Salon - went crazy because of BernieBros, used to feature a lot of H.A. Goodman.
  • Slate - too contrarian for its own good.
  • The Hill - someone drank the Kool-Aid and now it really, really sucks
  • Newsweek - what the hell happened to it?
  • The Onion - Yeah, it's hard to find absurdity in the news when the president is threatening to start World War III over nothing.

That last one, The Onion, used to be a must-read in the days of Bush and Obama. People were always sharing Onion articles because that kind of absurdity was welcome in a time when the news was usually pretty dry and serious. We went from living in the age of Donny & Marie to being in the middle of an Alice Cooper Group concert and everything's on fire and the band is comprised of animatronic demons.

I know. What. the. fuck. happened.

The Onion is still good, and it still matters. But what is killing it is the age of Trump. Absurdity is something I am craving right now, but reality intrudes and it's just too depressing.

And don't get me started on the absence of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart from our everyday discussion about current events.

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